Trailers: Street Fighter X Mega Man Trailer

Though I suppose this is what we get for Megaman's 25th since Inafune left Capcom.
I love the spritework though.

Edit: And props to Capcom for not shitcanning this project. It's probably the only sensible thing I've seen you guys do in a long, long time.

better then nothing i guess, least its free for every one

Holy flaming water-buffaloes on a marzipan spaceship. Props to Capcom. That was genuinely unexpected and intriguing.

I wish they could release it on consoles as well, but no, i really dont want to complain, at least finally something Megaman!

wow, free and on pc; I couldn't be happier with that.

I guess megaman will only live on in crossovers from now on...

Holy crow, this looks like a lot of fun.


ye he ehe eeheeeeehe hehe


Gonna be getting this...

I don't really care about street fighter, but I always love new megaman

Hey let's see if it won't get canceled a day before release due to "Lack of Fan Support."




alrighty then, so what are we to expect from the 30th anniversary....??
megaman X streetfighter 2, ken's rage?


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