Movie Trailers: Death Race 3: Inferno - Trailer

Death Race 3: Inferno - Trailer

This movie would be so much better if there were only another dozen or so explosions.

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reminds me of doomsday, where it starts off serious, but then just gets pathetically cheesy.

might have to see this just for the cheesy portions.

Ok, it does look VERY cheesy but action packed.

I loved death race, it was a nice flick for the action and blood.
The only thing I am confused with this is that how does this connect to the first film. X_X

Didn't the first have Jason Statham in it?

Oh well... I'll watch it for the blood and laughs. :D

There are very few movies with really unsympathetic female villains with no back-story about some guy doing something bad that made them turn into the villain we see, Death Race 1 and 2 were among them. I would be disappointed if they choose a generic male villain, and this trailer looks like they are going to do that.
There was a huge outcry at no playable female characters in Aliens Colonial Marines, there should be one against this too.


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