No Right Answer: Most Idiotic Fictitious Corporation Ever

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The problem with Umbrella is that even after they LEARNED the side-effects of the T-Virus, they didn't bother to shut down the branch that was directly UNDERNEATH the very large city of people who could have been turned into zombies! Things went SO TERRIBLY WRONG at the Arklay mountain facilities, and worse yet, there were survivors who were likely to start poking around and find, I dunno, an entire underground facility under the city? Why the hell didn't they pack it up and just move it? Good guys find nothing, are discredited even further, and no zombie outbreak. Plus, in the confusion of the move, they could have easily stolen the G-Virus sample from Birkin at some point, probably without him even knowing until they reached the new lab.

Instead, Umbrella (who clearly has the cash to just pack up and leave if they really want to), decides to let sleeping dogs lie and will eventually send a strike team to take the G-Virus directly from Birkin, which eventually leads to the outbreak. Umbrella, instead of getting the hell out of their, decides to drop in even MORE evidence of their wrong doings into the city in the form of the Tyrants. To do... what, exactly? Kill all of the STARS members? Why would they need to do that? It's pretty obvious no one has listened to them anyway, and the city has a lot of other dangerous things there that would likely kill them. "It's a good chance to gather battle data!" In what other environment will your Tyrants be fighting small groups of insurgents who are also being hunted by hordes of zombies?

See, these are just a couple of reasons that Umbrella's actions are baffling to me. Sure, they may not be around past Resident Evil 4, but their agents are still pulling strings in the background, agents who's end-games make even less sense than the corporation they are seeking to revive. I mean:

All that being said, I still love Resident Evil for it's campy heroes, hammy villians, and for giving me overly-grotesque monsters to kill.

... I just had an idea.

What if Umbrella screws up so much that it's bought out by a new company... Weyland-Yutani! Thus Umbrella IS Weyland-Yutani in the FUTURE!!!

I'm inclined to go with Umbrella.
One screw-up after another, they don't learn from their mistakes at all, nothing. And they give stupid names to their stuff.

Weyland-Yutani at least had other things going for them apart from idiots who wanted to tame Aliens.


How about Omni Consumer Products, as at least in the top 5?

ED-209? Completely useless. No safety features. Terrible IFF. Can be hacked by a small child.
Robocop line? 80% failure rate. Including a civilian massacre because they used a psycho's brain.

Other products include Sunblock-2000, a product that can cause skin cancer.

Without even watching the video, the answer is Weyland-Yutani

Actually if you think about it. ME3 Cerberus is like Weyland-Yutani, but even more stupid. W-Y tries to captture a very strong yet dumb(I think) animalistic alien. Tim tries to enslave a race of Aliens that have wiped out countless civilizations and are better than us in every way.

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