Movie Trailers: Pacific Rim - Trailer

Pacific Rim - Trailer

I don't know which is cooler, the giant robots or the voice of GLaDOS.

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That looks...AWESOME! Even if it lies in the gender of dumb action movie (which isn't clear if it is or not), it looks like a really good dumb action movie.

And who thought it was a good idea to give GLaDOS a mech? Aperture Science, I'm looking at you! Did you at least install the morality cores right this time?

Did I just see a giant 100 foot tall mech punch a 100 foot tall Sea monster?
Yes ...yes I did.
It was awesome.

Did I just see a giant 100 foot tall mech punch a 100 foot tall Sea monster?
Yes ...yes I did.
It was awesome.

Indeedie - also, the mech may have the GLaDOS operating system....oh yes....

the new power rangers film, yeah?

Guillermo Del Toro's tribute to Kaiju?

All my yes.

As a great man once said...

I've been excited about this film for so long. It's great to finally get an amazing trailer.

I could've sworn that we already had this thread...

Personally, I want GLaDOS to run all the things.

Glados is good and all but is anyone else also getting an XCOM vibe with the aliens, mech suits, high tech underground base and creating 'monsters'(which is what your team becomes near the end of XCOM)?

Somebody already posted in the Facebook comments but I'll share anyway:

But yeah I try not to get worked up by trailers but all I can say is...yeah...I'm like way into this.

So C'thulu arrives to earth via an inter-dimensional portal deep below the sea and is combated by giant mechas controlled by a group of elite pilots from afar? C'thulu vs Robots? Sign me up!

So, like.. Evangelion/Vandread/BlueGender + GlaDOS
I can't think of any other way in which could be more derivative / -I want to appeal to all the geeks out there-. It doesn't even seem to have the signature Prosthetic monster style that has made Del Toro famous in previous movies ( I know he's actually not responsible for the concept design).

And while I'm at it... Why do people like Guillermo del Toro so much? He's done a bunch of very mediocre movies, and some downright awful ones (with some interesting creature design), but everyone seems to think he is some visionary creative mastermind...
I don't get it.

That said maybe this movie will be fun... in a very mindless sort of way.

This is the movie I've been waiting my entire life for.

Yes, it seems a bit corny (that "Today we are cancellig the apocalypse" speech is a bit of a groaner but... it has a 100 metre tall mech hitting a giant lizard monster from another dimension with a rocket-powered punch.

Like Sucker Punch (shut the hell up, that movie had a katana-wielding blonde in sailor-fuku fighting a giant cyborg demon samurai armed with a minigun!) this movie literally CANNOT be bad.

I have a sneaking suspicion the voice of GLaDos is just going to be a placeholder though.

Yes. 100 times yes. Seriously, giant mechs fighting seam monsters along with a robot voice so sexy I want to marry and/or fuck it? Count me in!

Did anyone notice the striking similarity between this movie and teh tabletop game "Monsterpocalypse"? I heard that a movie about that stuff was to come out some day, but I don't know if it is this movie.

It sure feels like a live action of Neon Genesis Evangelion Series

It looks interesting but I'm going to be "That Guy" and nitpick about one tiny thing.

Whenever I see a semi-futuristic movie I cringe at the way people and the media portrayed in such movies are presented as having NO Hollywood references to utilize when describing the monsters/enemies/whatevers serving as the villains/antagonists/bad guys.

In I, Robot people followed too close to the original book by pretending that "It's impossible for a robot to violate the 3 Laws of Robotics" (or whatever). Seriously--we've had WAY too many movies about robots being the bad guys (Terminator anyone?) for a TOTAL lack of reference to occur to the fictional characters.

In the case of Pacific Rim the woman describing the monsters as "the size of buildings" should have just gone ahead and used a cultural reference to put things into perspective for her audience i.e. "They're the size of Godzilla!"


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