Trailers: The Cave - Story Trailer

The Cave - Story Trailer

The cave seems pretty cavalier about people stomping around inside of him.

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I'm really excited for this game. Ron Gilbert is a fantastic mind. If only he owned the Monkey Island license, my adventure game life would complete... maybe if I combine Ron Gilbert, with a Monkey and then some ipecac, I could vomit out a good followup to the Curse of Monkey Island... now how to get them into my inventory....

I read "The Cave Story - Trailer"

I must admit, I was a little disappointed. Game looks decent though.

Looks interesting, good pedigree. I might keep an eye out for news about this. I count eight people though :P

I was sold by "from the creator of Monkey Island".

But yeah, it looks pretty cool. I wonder if the cave's narration plays a big part in the actual game, or if it's just for the trailer.


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