To the Shooters I Treated Badly

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I have not played Far Cry 3 yet, as I am at least waiting for a Steam sale, but honestly, I am not a big shooter fan.

Yahtzee as described himself as an "instant gratification type of gamer," while he may have been somewhat facecious when saying this, he is far from a thoughtless gamer. I suppose though that this does not mean he wishes to treat Metal Gear Solid with any more respect, though.

Personally, I think that fifty years from now, we are going to look back on the current Millitary Shooter kinda like how Hollywood looks back unfavorably on films that contained "black-face" characters. Great Military Shooters are becoming more and more rare, and even though Spec Ops: The Line tried to change things, I doubt its valliant effort will change the genre for the better.

At this rate, the market will become oversaturated and the genre will recede, just like how the Fighting Game genre did. Shooters like Metal Gear (if it can be defined as one, that is questionable) and Spec Ops are really the only kind of shooters I play. In my opinion, the rest are just too thoughtless for me, and I assure you, there is no greater insult I can give to something than to call it "thoughtless."

Wolfenstein from 2009 was really awesome. The only thing I didn't really like about it was that it was simply called "Wolfenstein" without some sort of subtitle. Then again, it might have been meant as a reboot. I do agree with Yahtzee though that more games should go for the "alternate time period" approach.

Also, I still believe that it's possible to come up with a better name to describe modern military shooters.

I'd love to see another quality WWII shooter, haven't had one in a while amidst the sea of "gritty" modern shooters.

Something like MoH:Frontline, with an epic soundtrack and great story...and historical places!

Man, i'm gonna have to whip out the PS2 and play that badboy again!

I agree. Now that we've moved on from it, as Yahtzee mentioned, I think a more tongue-in-cheek approach to WW2 would make for an interesting game, provided that the gameplay still works. Back when we were getting tired of WW2 games, they were always treated so seriously. I'd like to see a game with more wacky nazis.

Jason's progression from spoiled rich brat to freaky killer actually reminded me a lot of Ezio from Assassins Creed. IIRC Revelation even had a similar bit where he rescues a lady friend and she's freaked out about him killing people.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Because lately I've been thinking back to some FPSes I've lambasted in the past for being generic or witless or a bit too fond of chest high walls. And quite a few of them in retrospect are starting to look better, now that I've seen how bad things can get:

The inevitable problem of reviews & upon reflection. The bias associated with comparing games to the ones before it. Being completely objective is not possible but subjective opinion based off the games that have come before is what we can do and sometimes we forgot about how big the margin is between good and bad, only comparing to whats come out recently.

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