The Big Picture: Worst Movies of 2012

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Would it be better if Sony gave Spidey back to Marvel/Disney?
Yes, no doubt it would be great to have Spidey in the Marvel movieverse.
But here's the thing, Sony has the rights and they are not surrendering it, because it would be a very stupid business move for them to do that.

So get over it and stop with your ridiculous vendetta.

And Tobey Maguire sucked as Spiderman.

2 and 3 reminds me of why I hate watching escape to the movies, but love watching the big picture. I like it when you expose your deep knowledge of niche things, but you talking about movies usually turns out terrible.

Bob forgot Dark Knight Rises. Like, every one of those comments about Spider-man could also be said about Dark Knight Rises.

It mangled its character, it is inferior to the previous movies, and is not good on its own. The actors are all miscast or misdirected, the script is all over the place, nobody's actions make any sense, all the new or altered parts of the mythos are just awful.

Also the fact that there is almost no Batman in it.

totally agree... Bob, why so much hate towards Amazing Spider Man? ok is your list but don't tell me Expendibles 2 was better than ASM

captcha: eat your vitamins

I get that Bob doesn't like Amazing Spider Man...but the fact he is saying it is seriously the 2nd worst film of the year is seriously unprofessional because from an objective standpoint it has no were near as many flaws as other films on the list.


Yo, Bob, ASM did a better job at making the Peter Parker character than the comics. If you hadn't noticed, they absotastically can't write that character for shit. Hell, Static Shock is a ten times better Peter Parker than Peter Parker. Also, ASM is a great movie and better than Dark Knight Rises.

You must be high... Or stupid.

Yeh come and get me bitch.

Not only was ASM an unnecessary move but a cheap one at that. There was just money lying around for it to be done. And what was the point in it anyway... Hollywood's done Spiderman... 3 times... and at least one of those ones isn't too bad. They were casted brilliantly, they didn't fuck with the story/lore/universe and the fight sequences are fun to watch.

At the time, Spiderman was only good because the bar was really, really low. The only good castings were for Aunt May, Uncle Ben and Jonah (my god, did they cast Jonah right). They fucked LOTS with the story, lore and universe. The fight sequences were the only good things. And, to top it all off, Peter Parker wasn't even in those movies.

I don't agree with it. I liked the Amazing Spiderman and I am far too much of a Richard Ayoade fan to hate the watch. It was bad, don't get me wrong but it wasn't horrible.

I have no idea how M. Night keeps getting more actors willing to be in his movies. Didn't he basically take his reputation out behind the shed and empty a rifle into it, with The Last Airbender? Isn't it so dead nobody would ever try to bring it back?

Shit, why is everyone so upset about "After Earth?" I like Will Smith; in fact, who doesn't?

Me. I think he comes across as smug rather than charismatic.

And every time I see some piece of advertising for After Earth, I think: okay, Will Smith enjoyed the attention for acting by himself in I Am Legend. Must be because there was no competition for screen time. So, now he's trying to sell his son the same way.

In other words, a completely cynical self-promotion.

As for M. Night, his first two movies were good. Really good. Not the best ever, but they showed a lot of potential. But instead of focusing on the things that made them good, he bought into the hype and decided to focus on the things that made them not-great. He squandered a lot of potential, and even though I didn't really hate "The Last Airbender", I left it with a "meh, that was unnecessary" feeling about it.

To the list:

1. I liked both Expendables movies. I grew up in the 80's, and I love Jason Statham. But I love mindless movies that just decide to go balls-out for the hell of it. And movies that don't feel they need to be sprawling 3-hour epics. Enough with the long-ass movies. I love love LOVE the people who made The A-Team a couple of years ago. Know why? It was 90 MINUTES LONG. Those people need to win awards for fracking brevity.

2. I don't like musicals, with few exceptions. I like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that might just be because of the sing-along aspect of it. I like Phantom of the Opera (NOT the movie, oh for frack's sake anything but that) because it takes place in an opera house, so that the music feels like a relatively organic part of the story. I like Mamma Mia! because it was just one big karaoke dance party, and deep down I'm still a chick that does that sort of thing with her chick friends. Les Mis...sigh. I just can't with it. I can't. Revolutionary France is depressing enough and suddenly breaking into song, and it's 3 hours long and I...can't. Especially after all the hype with Anne Hathaway, who annoys the crap out of me (she's going to get the Oscar for the same reason that chick from Showgirls did. For singing a song in lieu of acting. Which is a load of crap.). She was irritating as Catwoman and all the For Your Consideration press she's getting is bleh.

3. I was surprised that ASM was only #2. But only because Branded felt like a black sheep of a movie. The kind of movie that you can't really hate on because it's so...weird. It's not good, sure, but it was never in competition with the big boys anyway.

4. Battleship. I think that's probably going to be one of those "so bad it's good movies" that my friends and me mock on.

I had a feeling that Branded would be #1, only because of the video's description.

Hey now, there was nothing wrong with Will Smith alone in a deserted New York. I Am Legend was epic.
Now stop losing my respect by bashing all the great niche movies.

I saw your review of Branded on escape to the movies, and it ended here, however, everything you say about it just seems so grotesk that I have to see it.. A movie that messed up have to be interesting... Right??

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