Reel Physics: True Lies - Motorcycle Jump

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[quote="Draconalis" post="6.396564.16220585"]Suggestion:
OT: I keep missing what exactly the horse does differently. It's lighter? It has better traction? It's The One?

For the most part, it comes down to acceleration. The horse has a much higher acceleration in that short of a distance compared to the motorcycle that really has to ramp up the acceleration. So basically the horse launches from the building at a much faster velocity than the motorcycle... helping it to travel further in the X direction towards the other building.

I hope this helps.

Jason Dean

Helped a lot, thanks.

So Bessy has a lower 0 to 100 time than a ducati? Food for thought... Well, a lower 0 to 10 time anyway. 100 may be slightly optimistic for a horse.



Now think about a bullet being fired from a gun firmly attached to an armored car. Though the car will be hit with the same amount of force as the bullet, the car as a whole will barely recoil at all because of how heavy it is. Firing forward won't slow it down, firing backward will not speed it up, and firing sideways will not make it change direction. Not noticeably anyway.

The larger the gun, the greater the recoil, the faster the gun fires, the more cumulative the effect. Case in point, if a person were to fire a weapon meant to be mounted on a vehicle, they would go flying back. Now take a weapon that is meant to be mounted on a vehicle... and place that weapon on a vehicle not meant to have weapons mounted on it. There would certainly be some effect on the vehicles momentum.

I've heard of a gun that has such a strong recoil it can cause a jet to come to a standstill, which is what got my wondering about this in the first place.

Good point, I hadn't considered there's probably guns powerful enough to overcome even an armored car's weight. I guess it all comes down to balancing car weight and gun power. Can't really say if the ones in the movie are too powerful though. They're not really comparable to the guns you usually see on hummers or whatever because they're chainguns.
I do remember one car shooting missiles at some point. I'm pretty sure that's possible because it pushes off against the air behind it rather than the car.

What if Arnold jumped of the horse in mid jump like Super Mario from Joshi?

Loving the show guys. please keep this up.

I finally checked out this series, and I watched all three episodes and read the comments. I actually enjoy being challenged to recall and think about the physics involved, and I'm glad it isn't simplified further. I really appreciate the creators and community adding context in the comments as well. If something were to be done to add visual appeal and help with accessibility, graphing or diagramming might help, in addition to the equations used. For complicated scenarios, perhaps two part episodes would be an option, or just continued elaboration in comment text might make more sense, based on the audience that develops.


I do concept designs, marketing and filming, along with 3D animated simulations for robots and automation.

Neat. I love creating 3d models and among my favourite things to create are robots.

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