LoadingReadyRun: Efficiency

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That was a really funny one!

This installment of LRR reminded me instantly of the Harvey Birdman episode "Gone Efficien...t" (which, for some reason, I can't find clips of on YouToob):

Phil Ken Sebben: Birdman, this is Dvd, our new efficiency expert.
Harvey Birdman: Interesting name. Norweg...?
Dvd: [briskly interrupting] Was "David". I eliminated the vowels to save time.
Phil Ken Sebben: Brllnt!

A Kathleen script without any cussing in it? This is bullsh...crap.

Well... to be fair, I don't think anyone else in LRR could think of sperm that could punch through condoms... o_O

Andy really nailed it. Great episode.

I am doctor Killinger and this is my magic murder bag.

Kathleen and Andy are great in this.

Strange, this episode felt more like a silly/funny drama than a comic sketch

Cam and Andy in the same sketch?


Absolutely hilarious, one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. That crazy guy was great.

i dont put out the decorations till at least 7th. everyone is sober by then

Yes! That one was really good.
It was a nice break from rapidfire

I fully expect Cam's fertility to become another LRR in-joke.

I'm excited for the future.

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