Miracle of Sound: Q & A With Miracle of Sound

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Will you guys stop using those ads that surround the screen like that? THEY DON'T WORK RIGHT.

Well Mr Dunne, I did email CD Projekt. With you doing even just one song it would be fantastic. For anyone else that wants to email them you can use my email as a template, though I would like it if you would change it a bit.

"Gavin Dunne (aka Miracle of Sound) is an amazingly talented musician who makes predominantly video-game themed music (which on the face of it sounds a bit odd) He did great justice to the character of Geralt in his song "Silver and Steel"

Most of his work is on The Escapist, and if you don't like one of his songs, I would encourage you to listen to another couple, as he doesn't stick in one genre, and moves around depending on what the feel of the game is.
All over your website you (and various other people) talk about their love for games, gaming, and making great content for people. I have been following Gavin for over a year and I can say that he shares the passion for creating and distributing great work that the CD Projekt team has. Gavin is one of the best musicians I have ever heard. In a recent Q&A when he was asked what games he would like to make music for, if he could, he said that he would really love to work with CD Projekt on Cyberpunk 2077 due to his love of the genre and admiration of your previous games, even to just make one song for the game. He has consistently put out top notch work for the past year and a half, cranking out well over 40 songs. While any sane person would be doubtful as to the quality of so many songs produced so quickly, almost all of them are brilliant and capture the essential themes or character aspects. He has also improved vastly as a musician, the one issue of his early songs (too long endings/too much chorus) has been solved and his music is far better than can be found on the radio.
Simply put, Gavin Dunne is an amazing musician who wants to make amazing music for you, and you would be insane if you didn't even just talk to him about it.
A fan of both CD Projekt's and Gavin's work.
P.S. New CD Projekt RED game I AM SO EXCITED :D"

permanent? awful. hopefully you will learn to cope with it and it wont hinder your life or your music.
very col QA and very down to earth. wish you all the best.
also when did it became cool to hate U2?

suicide mission from Mass Effect 2 is also one of my favourites!! along with assassin's crred 2's Ezio's family.
those two are really brilliant in my humble opinion

Looked up the old band. Turns out they had 1 fan that wrote a Last FM profile but no songs anywhere.

Thanks a lot for answering my question, I really like little side-note songs that take less effort. The reason for that is they feel more spontaneous and frivolous. Still, this in no way should be taken as a suggestion to stop the complex layered stuff, which is also great.

Aww, I couldn't ask any questions because my internet was down *sad face*
I was gonna ask if there were any styles of music you would never consider doing? (Like dubstep *spits*)

Also, don't worry about the tinnitus, Mr. Of Sound. I've had a bunch of crazy-ass neurological stuff, including tinnitus, for about 13 years now. For about 12 years of that time, it's been such an ordinary part of my life that it doesn't phase me at all anymore. It's loud, sure, but because of how normal it's become, if it disappeared right now, I'd probably never notice.

Don't let it bother you, just have faith that, at first it's extremely irritating, soon after, it's mildly annoying and after that it's nothing at all. You'll be fine, I promise you.

Where can I find the wiggley sticks song on Game Informer?

Thanks to Gav, I'm listening to achtung baby for the third time tonight. I used to hate U2. Seriously, it's always great to learn more about you, Gav. I still think an autobiography would be an awesome read. AND! I can't wait to hear some of the older stuff in better quality. And new stuff! (Ahem, convenient place to plug an interview I did with him http://www.trashmutant.com/tmi---miracle-of-sound-interview.html).

2. I think I love you Gav
3. Keep making music, you inspire me man.

I hope you're adjusting well.

Also, just wanted to say that the Mass Effect 2 suicide track is my favourite as well. Very moving; gets you pumped. In the end, that's what music should do, isn't it?

I remember one time on Top Gear, Richard Hammond compared a car to U2 -- he said that every time they put out an album everyone always moans that they should stop, but then they listen to the album and say "Damn, it's actually good; I can't bash it."

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