Pavlov's Quiz

I got 9/10 on my first attempt. Only one I got wrong was the one about the symbol used in the middle ages, I've never heard of that before.

One thing I noticed was with the questions about eyelids, "How many eyelids does a dog have?" wouldn't the answer be 6, as they have 3 on each eye? I was stuck on that one for a bit since I was sure 6 was the answer, but it wasn't an option. I guessing the question was suppose to read something like "How many eyelids does a dog have on each eye?"

Anyway great quiz, I though when a Pavlov's Dog quiz was mentioned in the car quiz thread that is was a joke.

I scored 100%, with 10 of 10 correct on The Escapist's Pavlov's Quiz.
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Yeah! Got it on my 2nd attempt, for my first time it was 8/10. Didn't know how dalmatians looked like at birth and which part of the dog's exoskeleton was detached for better use to run. Still a great quiz of course! :}

I scored 60%, with 6 of 10 correct on The Escapist's Pavlov's Quiz.
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I accidentally went to the comments section before I saw what I got wrong. :[

Also a bit surprised that I did better on this quiz than the cat one.

I totally called this, but i wont bother giving the whole "this is misrepresenting the scientist in question" speech again. i got 5 out of 10, because i suck at dog general knowledge, which is weird because my family breads dogs.

The question about sweat glands is wrong. Most of a dog's sweat glands are there, but not all of them. There are also some on their nose.

Good thing I watched 101 Dalmations, or I would have gotten that dalmation question wrong. :P

Yeah, did worse than I thought I was going to do. First time 4/10. Second time 7/10


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