Feed Dump: Workplace Comp

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When I saw the title Workplace Compensation, I had a feeling it would be about that case.

Poor Kathleen had to edit this together. Funny episode though.

I just saw softcore porn featuring Jer and Alex
I mean ONLY Jer and Alex
I don't think there is enough bleach in the world to clean this image from my brain even if I inject it directly into my skull

So first there was "Girl Dump" or "Feed Girls" or whatever it was called.
Now this...

I think we've now seen clear evidence of which is the most responsible gender within the LRR team.

So What happen to Stark the Multi-billionare playboy, Lord of Winterfell, Inventor and Warden of the north?
Also Jer and Alex needs new hobbies.

I love the way Alex just nope'd out of there. Literally laughed out loud. I also grinned at the look on his face during the "demonstration".

We can only conclude that making Alex sexually uncomfortable is funny.

I think this is my second favorite Feed Dump, right behind the Van Dump episode.

Kathleen: Get out of the editing box and back in the show! We need more Kathleen! :-)

So... sex injuries can be used to make money, good to know.

Angriest feed dump ever.

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