Trailers: SimCity - Introduction Trailer

SimCity - Introduction Trailer

SimCity makes an amazing comeback with a return to their roots, at least in the name department.

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I am skeptically optimistic...

Was it just me or the video quality was Meh at best?

I was interested in this until it's been known it would be always-on DRM crap. I'll pass.

I was interested in this until it's been known it would be always-on DRM crap. I'll pass.

Same here. I was so excited, watching every video they posted about the glass box simulation engine and all that. Then they mentioned the DRM which sounded exactly like Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed, and my interest level went to zero. It's a damn shame too, there are far too few of these sims available and I really want to support them, but lately it seems publishers screw over the titles. It was the same problem with the Cities XL series always trying to nickel and dime me to death.

Of all the douchebaggery EA has commited, this may be one of the worst. Always online?. No saving and loading?. Hell, they should call it SimDRMity.

okay on top of all the usual bad; DRM, IP harvesting, EA, wasted potential, Bad video Quality, EA, lack of actual game footage in a game trailer(or if it is game footage good lord thats crap 3000 looked more stylized and 4 more realistic) OH AND DID I MENTION EA?

Can i just say that new maxis logo looks absolutely fuckin' terrible?

I like what i saw except for the traffic. There seems to be alot of it. Its a city planners worst nightmare and anyone who has played tropico 3 or 4 knows it. If buildings really do show us thier output now like coal in the powerplant then having my little people stuck in traffic all day and night doesnt seem to bode well. Nevermind if im trying aim for tourism. Dlc perhaps?

We are in 2013 now. Im glad your all choosing to fight DRM but its not going away anytime soon im sorry to say. I wanted to play Settlers 7 Paths to a kingdom since it came out but didnt buy it for its DRM. "This wont last a year" i thought. Now look, its in assassins creed 3. Thats ubisoft and this is EA yes but as you can see Ubi isnt hurting so why should EA think it will hurt? To boycot this game would only show EA that "Maxis titles arent selling mabey we should shut them down, give them the pandemic studios treatment?". Fight the good fight but im surrendering and will consign to my fate.

My first pc game was sim city 2000. Since them ive bought 3000 a few years after it came, and simcity4. Ive enjoyed them for many many hours and still play 4 today. To not support them in protest of thier bosses at EA just doesnt seem right. yeah Will Wright is off to better things mabey but while its staff may have changed i cant deny the legacy of the maxis name even if the name means nothing without the people who made it what it was. Put aside your hate for the sims or spore and think of the studio. Who knows, mabey this could surprise us like XCOM did. Mabey the new guys here may give us something good.

Idk what you mean by the new maxis logo looking terrible though, i think its clever. All they changed was putting the moon in for thier I. Its the same exact logo they've had since back in 98' just with a reversed moon.

Due to the terrible DRM that will likely make this game an unplayable mess: I can't wait to pirate this game, and enjoy a non-restricted and overall better experience than EA will surely provide.

This would have been an auto purchase for a guy like me, SimCity is my kinda game 100%, but their DRM makes this auto-pirate instead. You brought it on yourselves EA/Maxis.


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