Movie Trailers: Carrie - Teaser Trailer

Carrie - Teaser Trailer

She looks like she would be great at parties.

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Action movie or actual psychological drama? The original was pretty good. I hope this one does not disappoint

Yet another one?

Hmm...this looks like it will be interesting. It's from the director of Boys Don't Cry, which was disturbing and fantastic. On the other hand...the screenplay is from a Glee writer....

Hope it will be amazing, expecting it to be...average.

Capthca: Skynet is watching
Great...just what I want to fuckin' see on the Internet...

As long as they don't PG13-ify it I'll be okay- the opening scene in the original Carrie is classic, and a PG-13 rating would not adequately allow the film-makers to recreate such a scene in all its glory.


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