Critical Miss: Top Five Games of 2012 #4

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"Like Ankh-Morpork"
really? Dishonored? sigh... GOTY
now i have to buy a copy and walk around like a tourist not completing missions whatsoever.

Last paragraph actually convinced me to take a closer look at that game.

The fact that you can re-use the same final panel in all 5 Top-5-comics must be a huge load-off :D

The Jimquisition talked about loneliness in games this week and I think it kind-of related to this a bit.
If you had a shoe-horned-in co-op or mulitplayer in Dishonoured the, as you've said, main star of the game would have been overlooked, probably.
Like, when you are forced, by social convention, to play the game with your friend, who just wants to steamwalk through the game as efficiently as possible you're not going to have the time to pause every once in a while and, say, observe a dying city.
Things like the beauty of the environment cannot be enjoyed if you have a nagging skype-voice in your right ear that tells you to hurry up and another nagging skype-voice in your left ear that tells you to stop talking to the NPCs because we don't really need them for the quest.
But exactly these side-objects, these pointless NPCs that stand around to tell you the sob-story of their digital lifes flesh out the game and can give it that enormous atmosphere and depth that we sometimes find in well-crafted environments.

Sergey Sund:

I hear ya, that was the gameplay to me. I would take the highest route (height wise) so that I could observe everything. I took my time reading every book and scrap of paper I found, returning to the shadows to ponder what I just read, how it ties into the world, and how it might affect the way people lived or were living. That way the massacre wasn't a constant, and it was a nice contrast. I guess ideally Arkane would include more of that background and world building in the core gameplay itself, though that could have been an artistic decision. I eventually had fun with it, but I wouldn't include it in my personal GOTY. I am however intrigued about how they might approach a sequel as they certainly have laid some good seeds for that.

You know, I would LOVE to play a game set in Ankh-Morpork. And not an adventure game, but like a real triple-A game. I'm not sure which could pull off the gleeful madness best. Gearbox? Obsidian?

Lego Discworld, nothing more needs to be said except. The Luggage.

I hadn't drawn a parallel with Ankh-Morpork when I played through but now I can see it. A rather horrible place, but our horrible place. A horrible place to call home, full of wonderfully horrible people. And a Nobby Nobbs.

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