Trailers: Disney Infinity - Reveal Trailer

Disney Infinity - Reveal Trailer

If you're a fan of Disney, and who isn't, then this is the ultimate game for you.

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On the surface I'm not sure I like the visual style of this, it just doesn't evoke Disney for me. Still, I guess it must be challenging to create a consistent visual style across the board when you're dealing with so many distinct franchises.

It would be nice to know what sort of game it is though. For a game called Infinity, this trailer seems somewhat... limited.

They better fix those shitty frame drops. Also when did Mr. Incredible get a hoverboard? It looks mildly amusing but the gameplay also screams lazy and simple.

I would have been much more interested if each 'movie universe' within the game took on the likeness of the artistic direction it was created in. The Monsters would be animated CGI-style, Pirates would be high-resolution realistic, Wreck It Ralph there at the end would look like...well, actually, it already suits him. But my point is it would add variety and contrast, and make it look less like generic Xbox 360 avatar costume things. The "gameplay" seems interesting though, combining set-piece creative world building with using various tools and toys from each Disney universe on whatever character you want--that's great, it adds variety and interesting possibilities, seeing Sully flying a jetpack, or Mr. Incredible riding a tricycle. I'd be more interested too if there were perhaps some story element, but it looks like it's taking an MMO/Open World style of random challenges, bad guys, racing, flying, etcetera--kind of like a all-in-one sports game with a Disney theme and Lego Island customization.

Oh, and I'd be interested -at all- if it were for PC. Moving on!

Haha... haha. This is truly tragic if this is where all the production money for Kingdom Hearts 3 has gone.

...This is horrible. No innovation (Skylanders) Terrible cut-out-alike character models. And if Epic Mickey is anything to go by they seriously need to hire some level designers. I do not for-see this succeeding any higher than 'it sold well to the Disney O-philes'.

Again lots of potential, It's Disney. So I don't see it being realized. Ever.

As much as I love Disney, I've never had much faith in their games. Except for Kingdom Hearts, but I think more of the credit on that goes to Square Enix, Disney pretty much just let them use their characters I think.

Anyway, chances are I will not be playing all. The trailer was cute and all, and had some very beloved Disney characters, but yeah I doubt this game is going to go far. I've been wrong before though, who knows.

This looks like a lot of fun (Minus the obvious skylanders coat tailing)

Colour me interested. I doubt I'll get the game but I'll definitely follow it and see where it heads.

I'd be interested to know if Star Wars and Marvel characters will be making an appearance?

So they're combining Skylanders with Lego Island. Could end up good. Could end up even better if they put Marvel and Star Wars characters in.

Shoehorning Disney characters into one game has always been a good idea. Seems better than the mess Kingdom Hearts turned out to be.


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