Critical Miss: Top Five Games of 2012 #3

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FTL is a great game and was one of my favorite of 2012 for sure. I haven't played it really since beating it for the first time, as it was so punishing I was kind of glad to be done with it for awhile. That and I knew I would never have as good a run as I did that game.

an annoyed writer:

The alien kind of reminds me of Zorak!

I don't think I'd have the patience for FTL in all honesty.

Holy shit you're right!

And now I find myself missing The Brak Show and Space Ghost again... sigh.

Yeah, those were great shows. We wouldn't have [adult swim] without 'em. I think Yahtzee briefly (even for the speed he talks at) mentioned FTL in his new video today.


Everything else can be destroyed completely and the medbay is the key to defense.

Medbay is the second key to beating intruders, really. You still need to maintain the shield and weaponry section of your ship in order to beat the enemy ship, all the while battling intruders. Maxing doors is slightly more important than medbay, because suffocating the enemy, while they're unable to get through your ship efficiently, makes it much easier to beat them when they finally do get through. If you're clever, you can route them to the medbay and beat them easily after they're near-death due to lack of oxygen.

Last boss is a pain in the ass if you're unprepared, but having your own cloak and some guys to infiltrate the ship is a life saver. The weapon sections are completely cut off from the rest of the ship, meaning that you can transport your characters to those sections at any time, overpower the single human enemy there and break its weapons one by one, all the while spamming cloak and keeping your shields up (augmentations help). Disabling rockets first is key, as those go through shields.

Of course, having a good ship really helps. I had a Noether (zoltan B) with cloak and pre-igniter, which is pretty goddamn deadly if you can find a good weapon such as the burst II for it (of which I found two). Most ships never made it through my defenses.

My deadliest ship is usually something along the line of a Engi cruiser: layout A. I aim to upgrade shields followed by engine/weapons if they need. The perfect weapons combination is 2 ion-blast 2s, a glaive beam, an anti-ship 2 drone, a defense 1 drone, and a hull Repair drone. I don't even use the damage causing weapons most of the time. If I can I will always try to take out an enemy's oxygen and take the ship intact to get a scrap bonus. If I can find an augment store, I always aim for a scrap recovery arm or two (they stack), a drone recovery arm, and the shield recharger augment. That ship can take out anything and come out without a scratch.

Also, I was saying that you should always repair your medbay first. I rarely ever upgrade it past lv1 until the last few sectors.

Did someone say TACTICAL GENIUS?!


Goddammit, beaten to it by a whole day, it must have taken some sort of tactical geniu...


I'm still waiting for my perfect space game. Mass Effect style space exploration overworld that lets me control my little ship around the galaxy/universe, and be able to land on planets and build a huge number of allies for an oncoming invasion of aliens who have long had tensions with your part of the universe. Then when they come its like turn-based strategy, fighting them solar system by solar system for control over key planets in huge Star Wars: Battlefront (or Section 8: Prejudice) style battles while still getting to visit systems and planets to buy upgrades and do side missions.

But it'll never happen, because nowadays when people make a space game their vision is limited to "twin-stick shooter" or "linear-ish action game that punishes you for going off the beaten path" and ALWAYS with "it's gonna be a hard, unforgiving game"

EDIT: I should point out that I've had my fill of unforgiving games with Dead Rising 1 and Terraria and Runescape. I'm too busy and high strung to put up with games that aren't simple enough to casually enjoy like Saints Row, Spec Ops: The Line, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout (only 3 and NV), and nostalgia games like Starcraft and Warcraft 3.

Borderlands 2 pushes it, but luckily on PC my friends can give me extremely powerful high-level e-tech guns and equipment that always puts me on par with the enemies as opposed to the one or five steps behind them that the developer seems to have intended.

I REALLY want more of this...

There are mods now, have a google.

Besides the first 2 attempts, I've never allowed myself to play on easy. I feel that it would give me a false sense of accomplishment. The furthest I've made it is the 2nd round of the Flagship. And, after it crushed me, I found that I wasn't even mad. I just sat there trying to figure out how I could beat it next time.

The only advice I can offer is to farm the first 2 sectors for as much scrap as you can get. By sector 3 you never know when the next Zoltan energy bomber or Mantis fighter is gonna outfit your ship with a skylight.

Death to the Rebellion. Long live the Federation.

Edit: I just moments ago made it to the 3rd boss encounter, and saw the best ship and crew I've ever had go up in flames...

GRRARRRGLARBLGRM! so-damn-close (sigh)

FTL is a great experience that can easily be summed up by this:


So I was playing through FTL the other night, with the Mark B Stealth Ship (the one that comes with a Glaive Beam), and I swear, first sector, first battle, the only pieces of loot I get are some scrap... AND ANOTHER GLAIVE BEAM.

(For those not in the know, the Glaive Beam is probably one of the most OP pieces of equipment in FTL, and if you can get the end boss ship's shields down, the Glaive Beam can make pretty short work of it)

Now the challenge is getting enough weapons power to run the damn thing.

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