Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - The Replacer Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - The Replacer Trailer

We could all use our own Replacer from time to time.

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made me laugh a bit but not enough to make me buy this crap

How do we know that COD has gone desperate and at the same time all living organisms own 2.7 of COD BLOPS 2?
Have a B grade actor, that can some how act.
A trailer that shows 3% game play and 79% irrelevant yet entertaining shit.
No ones gonna read this shit so no one cares...

Damn it Call of Duty, stop desecrating my beloved Back in Black! I mean it!

Amusing trailer, but as it's already been said...not amusing enough to buy this game. So glad they ended MW instead of doing a fucking cliff hanger and making yet ANOTHER sequel.

While the trailer was funny it seems like the only people it would convince to buy the dlc are the same people who were already thinking about getting it.

Ha, pretty funny indeed.

And BEING a zombie could be fun. Not as fun as L4D mind you, but fun nonetheless.

Better then the multiplayer it's promoting.

Funny, but giving wrong message.

"... blah blah your Lady Friend(s)". I won't discuss the plural, could be a misheard. But sexist. Implies only men play the game, or lesbians. Might use market research to find out the majority demographic.

Also encourages you to neglect in real life responsibilities just to play the game.

/uses Jimquisition shield as a defence against people who dislike my opinion on the perception of the trailer.

What I gather from the trailer. You get one new weapon. Woop?
4 maps (I suppose if you like maps and variety of maps. Will you have to discriminate against players who don't have it. Evil)
And the ability to play as a Zombie (potential game changer for Zombie mode?)

How about replacing Call of Duty with a game that's fun to play, can you do that?

That was incredibly awesome. If only Treyarch had managed to improve the multiplayer like they did the single player...but that'd be impossible.

I mean, the idea was kind of amusing, but the execution basically failed on every level. The actor didn't really have the charisma to pull it off, nor were the situations amusing enough to carry it. Plus the zombie mode looks like a badly-done ripoff of Left 4 Dead.

Not that I was planning to buy this game anyway, but they could've done a lot better...


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