Escape to the Movies: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

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Apparently I was the only one who got weirded out by Bob pronouncing Gemma with a hard 'G'.

It should be soft like a 'J'...

Nope that threw me as well.

Lets have a movie where Hansel and Gretel hunt ravenous beast-men. Hansel repeatedly gets taken down and has to be nursed back to health by Gretel, who also does a most of the action.

Will MovieBob call the movie misandrist? Yes it's actually a word, but so incredibly rarely used that people will most likely have to look it up (hint: it's the opposite of misogyny).
I'm willing to bet ALL my money that he wouldn't have even vaguely hinted at it. Not at all. Not a word would have been said.
In fact the very concept of misandry doesn't even compute as far as most people are concerned, the thought simply can't occur.
Gretel would've been praised for being a strong female protagonist, slaying lots of beast-men, helping Hansel, and that would've been the end of that.

But as we already know, the double standard has been around since quite possibly the beginning of time. Can't really blame Bob for falling victim to it.


So how should that movie have been made, in your opinion? How to create a character who isn't going to be offensive?

Which movie? Hansel and Gretel or a hypothetical movie with a female protagonist? If it's the former, then I wouldn't have made it a movie based on the spectacle of violence, to start with (as I don't think saying "witch hunts are awesome" is a good message to spew thoughtlessly for the sake of a Hollywood cash-grab), but at the very least I would have made the witches even-gendered and made Gretel just as competent and prone to heroics and injury as Hansel. If she gets beaten and nursed back to health, same thing happens to Hansel. If Hansel mows down a horde of witches with an anachronistic machine gun, Gretel finds a different way to achieve the same result. More or less, I would take care to make both genders as even as possible, both from the perspective of the villains and the heroes.

As for a movie with a female protagonist, I'd basically just hire a team of feminists (of as varying ideologies as possible, and preferably some with academic backgrounds) to tell me what to do. I trust they know a lot more than I do on how to portray female characters positively. Granted, they wouldn't agree on everything and compromises would have to be made, but I trust that the end result would be positive.

Brilliant, yes, lets get a team of feminists to direct a movie so the world can see how a female protagonist is done. No way that could possibly fail, and I'm sure many studios would be very eager to invest.

And then we can burn every director who dares make a movie where there isn't a perfect 50/50 gender balance, and they shall be crucified for any scene where a female is shown being hit/killed. That'll teach them the meaning of equality.
This law will also apply to painters, musicians, any kind of artist.

I always like coming back to these reviews after I've actually watched the movie. Which I recently did now that it's available to rent.

I have to say that I disagree with him on this. Yes, it's a pretty throwaway action flick, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Sure the plot could have been better, but at least it had some internal consistency. It's established in the beginning of the movie that witches are indeed real, and are indeed evil. They also look a lot different from humans, and Hansel and Gretel even stop the people from killing a woman just because she's a suspected witch. I didn't see anything about it that glorified violence against women. Hansel gets beaten up a lot too, though not quite as Gretel. Heck, he even got his own nursed back to health scene.

I'm not going to say it was a great movie or anything. But disliking it based on some high moral ground is pretty silly.

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