Trailers: BioShock Infinite - Truth From Legend Trailer

BioShock Infinite - Truth From Legend Trailer

Bioshock Infinite gives you the myth, now to see what exactly is a fact.

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Morgan Freeman, is that you?

Or at the very least zefrank1.

I love the 80s TV show style of this. I think it's a great way to carry on from the older Bioshock marketing, which was always a little different.

Awesome looking trailer that one. I always like seeing something a bit different from the usual people running around shooting things for something that gets the feel and theme of the game across.

So psyched for this now

The only thing that could make this more awesome is if they got Leonard Nimoy and the rights to In search of.

I REALLY hope they make a full show as an easter egg or something.

Oh by the way, why the age gate?

Oh by the way, why the age gate?

Probadly because the game is rated 18 all the trailersare rated the same. Still its rather stupid when the trailer doesn't actualy include gameplay.

Still I do like the style.


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