Jimquisition: Dead Space - The Best New IP This Generation?

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I'm partial to the Souls series as best new IP myself. Followed by Vakyria Chronicles and Agarest War.

I played the demo for Dead Space 1. I dislike shooters in general and this game didn't convince me otherwise.
I also played the demo to Bioshock. Except that I used a wrench throughout the entire demo, which may have swayed my decision, I'd be much more apt to play Bioshock than Dead Space, if hard pressed.

I can't agree, most of these Jimquisition vids are logical and dare I say it, true, but this was IMO too much based on his personal opinion. I'm right now having a hard time finishing Dead Space 2, not because it's scary, not because it is hard, but because it's so boring and repetitive. The characters are also really bland, the only one I like is that, what's his name, Cross? Something like that.

For best new IP IMO, I would say Bioshock if Bioshock 2 wouldn't have been made, so I'm going to have to go with Uncharted, InFamous, the Arkham games or LA Noire... My personal favorite is actually Uncharted, while I know it might not be the objectively best one. And hey, we still got new ones coming, The Last of Us, and possibly that Star Wars game and Watch Dogs, and what about Rockstar's Agent thingy? Dead Space, IMO, never did anything special that was worthy of being called "best IP this gen", even if it has some good ideas.

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