Unskippable: Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

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Yes, Jennifer Hale was the "girl." To think I watched the anime version and I forgot the names of everyone not named Orphen. That shows just how much the game sucked.

I remember Chris Cason from Funimation once said, "If the dub sucks, feel free to blame the dubbing directors."

Well, when Flynn and Hale can't save this **** from drowning, you're damn right I'll blame the directors. Now I just need to figure out who ****ed up Love Hina for me.

Now I can see why everyone used their PS2 as a DVD player instead of a gaming console when it launched.

Funny thing: this and SSX snowboarding were the only good titles released for the PS2 launch. I personally decided to go with Evergrace, a game so bad that even on launch day I could not play more than a half-hour before I gave up and decided to see if Metal Gear looked better on the system. I think we finally got Summoner, a decent game, a week or two later, and then Silent Hill 2 and Zone of the Enders in early 2001, which was the start of the system's awesomeness.

"wait that was Quinton Flynn??"

Sure was. Thing with anime/game voice actors is you don't get paid for crap. You usually take what is given to you. The original Orphen anime was gone by Funimation/ADV (damn good dub by the way). This was just a terrible game all around. For every role like Axel, Reno, or Raiden, Flynn's probably got a million obscure things like this. At least when I met him, I made sure to reference the Human Torch instead. I kept yelling "Flame On," and it became a running gag all con weekend.

Final note: he's also a decent singer. If you meet him, he might peddle some songs he worked on. It's pretty good indie light rock stuff.

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I will always remember Flynn as Bickson from FFX, and I hated him. He was also an amorphous talking penis in The Simpsons... no joke.


I feel bad for Jennifer Hale too. From Spider-Man and Metal Gear to this...BLEH!

Was she the voice actress for the girl at the end with the brother, the line-making, and the snakes? She sounds awfully familiar...

Okay, I'll admit it. I remember her from Totally Spies. I'm pretty sure that voice is the exact same as the voice of Mandy (another sassy whiner girl) from that show.

She was also FemShep. That's where she gets her legion of fanboys from.

I don't know why but I found that Oh My Goddess comment far too funny.

Ah, the PS2 launch lineup. How shitty you were.

Makes me glad that I didn't get one until 2005.

And that's exactly what made me regret selling mine at the end of 2003. 2004 and onwards and it's a blast for PS2's library.

As for the video itself... gosh, that looks like a PS1 game ported almost directly to the PS2, heck, Vagrant Story had much better character models than this and they were much better animated too.

I feel bad for Jennifer Hale too. From Spider-Man and Metal Gear to this...BLEH!

THAT'S WHO THE VOICE ACTOR FOR THE GIRL IS! I kept thinking she sounded familiar. Now I know why, she sounds like Mandy from Totally Spies!

Honestly, I don't know how anyone can stand the shrillness of that character for any amount of time. I was dying just for that one part.

You guys always do your best work with Japanese games--why is that?
Anyway, freakin' hilarious--thank you! I really needed those laughs. Though, come to think of it, they're gone now.... I want my laughter back!

Am I the only one who's gob-smacked at the blatant double entendre in that scene where the lady reminisces about Rufus? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

"Oh Rufus, I miss you so much" "What should I do? I'm so close..." "Everything I'm doing is for you Rufus, my one true love".

With the amount of context we were given in that intro cutscene I'm going to say that wasn't even double entendre, all signs point to her giving herself a bit of personal relief.

You guys sure picked a great game for this episode, you could've just played the cutscene without any commentary. I demand more Japanese games, you guys seem to be at your best when there's some healthy culture shock involved.

Do you mean "orphan" - a person who has lost his parents, or "often" - frequently?

Me: Hahaha, i beg pardon, i see what you mean. I mean frequently.

TripleDaddy: You said orphan frecuently...

Me: NO! only once.

I actually bought this game BECAUSE I loved the anime it is based on. I can see the DVDs of it from here.

The game... was pretty terrible, yeah. But I played through all the characters, even when they were stupidly, insanely difficult, and that damn final boss with the boxes, just so I could see the fairly lame real ending.

Paul and Graham, I challenge you! I want to see you do an episode of Unskippable based on the True End cutscene of this game.

You guys had a lot going on this one - I almost want to lobby for it to be a series of making fun of it. Almost. If I had the time, that is - care to do it anyway?

This... this was awesome. XD

Geez, these graphics were horrific.

You know what I wonder about Orphen? Why does Cleo keep following him around? It's abundantly clear that they have a platonic relationship and I can't imagine what other motivation she'd have.

saw that this one had anime in its cutscenes and knew it was gonna be an amazing Unskippable episode xD wish there was a part 2 lollll

How. Dare. You.

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