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I...actually remember that Pole Position song/cartoon...and, really liked it.

*sees everyone talking about a Power Team*

*Googles Power Team*


It's that show with the tomato that got mad whenever they mispronounced his name! And Bigfoot! Gah!
Well, actually, I kinda liked that show. But then again, I was really young when I watched it.


P.S.Also my inner perv can't stop wondering whether she purrs or moans.

If she Purrs, you know you did it right


Does anyone remember Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm?

Where Nightwolf, the native american shaman is infact a technology loving computer genius, Sonya is basically the Leeroy Jenkins of the group (KOOMMBBAT TIME!) and Stryker is voiced by Ron Pearlman!

Wait, that was Ron Perlman? He's awesome!

I learned absolutely nothing from this that I didn't already know. But I still enjoyed it ^_^

A little bit of Radiodrome Podcast, Animated Anarchy, Tacoman Plays a Video Game, AVGN, some random gaming history from Youtube, & a few top/bottom 10 lists from Blistered Thumbs & Game Trailers/ScrewAttack.

For me, the most entertaining nostalgia is the tripe & not the fond memories.


Hutzpah Chicken:
I'm really glad I never saw these things. The only one that I remember that wasn't that good was the Sonic one that was on the Disney Channel I believe. Also, who the hell is Bubsy?

Bubsy like a lot of games during the 16 bit console era(SNES/Genesis) had companies try to create mascots to captivate young consumers as mascots during those times have proven to be very reliable towards building a franchise. Since kids like animals it was only logical that after seeing Sonic that other companies try to emulate that success and so Bubsy was created for the SNES by Accolade.

Suffice to say bubsy and a lot of other next gen mascots really didn't do well at all either by how bad their games were or simply having a character that just didn't catch on in an industry that already had well established mascots that already caught on to the hearts and minds of a generation(Mario and Sonic).

So he's about as bad as Awesome Possum. Probably good thing I never spent money on a game like that.

OMG I've been trying to remember what this thing was called for YEARS. NO ONE I know has any idea when I tell them about it. I tell them it was like Captain N, but with Kwirk, Narc, and a monster truck.

Bubsy huh? Bet Rob Paulsen was proud of that one :Þ

I remember this one! With Bigfoot and the basketball guy (from Double Dribble?) and the Conan wannabe! Fighting Kingpin!

... I have fond memories of that one. *sigh* Why the heck did Bigfoot have lasers though?

I remember this one! With Bigfoot and the basketball guy (from Double Dribble?) and the Conan wannabe! Fighting Kingpin!

... I have fond memories of that one. *sigh* Why the heck did Bigfoot have lasers though?

Because the bigfoot from the NES game was fucking awesome! Bigfoot had razor blades. But before Mario party put blisters on every kids palm. Bigfoot was there first putting blisters on every kids THUMBS. Those uphill climbs was a test of endurance.

Ridiculously hot cat lady magically appears in your bedroom? yep I'm sure every single adolescent boy would have noooothing but clean thoughts the entire time. haha

Frankly, I always thought Morrigan was more attractive, and no it wasn't because of her DDDD breasts. She was a playful semi-sadistic badass.

Wow. I'd never even heard of some of these. Probably for the best, given that my grip on sanity is tenuous enough as it is.

it was interesting watching this. i may of grown up in the 80's but none of that stuff made it here on your usual saturday morning cartoons and i think im glad about that

I was actually alive when these were on (and watched some of them - yes, they really were even worse than these clips can possibly convey) but I'm still not sure why we care about this right now Bob. Care to clue us in? 30 years back is a long reach for a topic. Tell me something's brewing that's relevant to something this century, please.

its dragons liar......its the fucking dragons liar cartoon.

"Too... much... eighties..." was pretty much my reaction as well.



This may be due to the fact that I was like between 6 or so during the time, but I remember liking the sonic cartoon. Even though I never liked the games that much. Not gonna try and watch this now... I know it will suck in retrospect, nostalgia be damned.

WHICH Sonic cartoon? I think there were two of them... one bad one, one good one. Least that's what I heard.

Oh, never knew there were two (or more). I only ever saw one. A after a quick Google search I'm pretty sure it was Sonic Underground.


Yes, that's the one!

I watched the hell out of that as a kid! The theme tune is still awesome.

GAH! At 4:48 that picture on the left, that troll doll thing I have that sitting in my attic since forever and I never figured out what show it was from?

Anyone help me out, it looks exactly like that one, although mine is missing a bit of an eye but otherwise....

So Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Knight Rider, and a 13 year old who must be remarkably Anti-Furry.

Oh, and Bubsy. I actually saw the Bubsy and Battletoads cartoons, because they had the promotional playing at some dept store...
Fuck Bubsy. Burn Bubsy. Kill Bubsy. Kill it with fire!!..

Sorry, blanked out there for a moment...Battletoads?
Its premium grade shit to be sure, but nowhere near the level of shit as the first Sonic cartoon series. Even today it just makes my skin crawl.

Seeing the intro for Battletoads again, I had to wonder just whose bright idea it was to use a Beach Boys-esque theme song.
This is Battletoads, not fucking Archie.

Maybe the kid's just used to waking up next to cat-women and it's not a big thing for him anymore.

Scarim Coral:
Wait? Pole Postion was based on a video game? (I don't remember that show but my bro did).

IIRC, DIC really wanted to do a show with crime-fighting robot cars called Pole Position, and had to get the liscence from Namco to use the title.

Also, woah woah woah! Even if that US Felicia is like a censoured version to the original Felicia we know, was that kid gay or a anti furry (or just not into cat girls)? (I did knew about that cartoon but I never bother to look it up to see how bad it was.)

Nah, he's just a character in a kids' cartoon. The censors would never have let them show a real 11-year-old boy's reaction to having a hot catgirl living in his room.

The funny thing about Bob comparing Harry Grimoire to Potter is that the Darkstalkers' cartoon actually pre-dates Rowling's books by two years.

its dragons liar......its the fucking dragons liar cartoon.

They couldn't get a Dragon that told the truth?

"Now, i gotta go to school. My mom gets mad if she finds a strange cat-woman in my room, so could you just go..."
What the duck is wrong with this kid? Seriously, i threw myself half from my chair midway through this line. Just the imagination: Some strange cat-woman in my room, telling me about a plot how vampires want to "rule the world or something". Maybe i would've been somewhat frightened, mabye super-pumped, but seriously, which dearranged mind comes up with this kind of reply, hillarious. Could anybode smack whomever participated in making this... stuff?! "gotta go to school?! psh, who cares about school in this situation?!

But honestly, i watched a lot of weird stuff as a kid and one weekly episode of "Power Rangers" was only the top of the junk-pile (yes, i was an early 90s kid), but i just can't remember the shows mentioned, probably never aired in my region, probably suppressed by my subcontious, either way it looks like i wouldn't ever have to feel bad about that.

Toying with viewing the "Gargoyles" cartoon again for some time now, i think they deserve the chance.

I never watched the Darkstalkers cartoon when it was on tv, but I remember seeing the "Darkstalkers Stupidity" video on Youtube.

Talk about trying too hard. The guy who originally made the video also covered that Street Fighter cartoon Bob mentioned, as well as Megaman and Mortal Kombat. All are pretty hilarious to watch.

This might be surprising to you but my mother is usually pretty okay with finding strange catwomen in my bed.

There are always bad cartoons. This, also, was a thing:

So many vague or long-forgotten memories came back watching this clip!

Aah all those odd afternoon cartoons filling in time before the 5pm News...

Watching that Pole Position intro for the first time I thought it looked pretty cool for what it is. I especially liked that "pulling down the visor with the car's reflection" bit, and I would even more so if it continued that shot through the obligatory merge-perspective shot back on those cars rather than just cutting back. But oh well.

I was actually reminded of that recent Space Stallions project with the theme itself. But then the lyrics became "in the danger zooooone" and I bursted out laughing.

TOO... MUCH... EIGHTIES...! Thankfully I had to miss out on that kind of childhood. But I do get to play both of the games on Namco Museum. :D

P.S. "Pole position" is, in fact, a racing term. Someone had to make Forza before Forza, and everyone here should've been exposed to the commercial at some point.

Haha! Smirked at the frame from Bad Toons. Sly dog you ;).

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