Right of Conquest

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His name is Ashley? Dude, that is awesome. If I ever have a boy, his name is Ashley. And if anyone has a problem with that then they can deal with me.

look at comic #13 (second page), and you'll see why that might not be such a... brilliant idea, to say the least.

what I'm more interested in, however, is: what the hell was the original punchline Erin meant to deliver?

Sean Deli:
Yeah, I don't understand how a word "tit" can be used as a slur.

its a british thing I think

Sean Deli:
Yeah, I don't understand how a word "tit" can be used as a slur.

There is a very famous George Carlin ski I shall show you in response.

I feel so bad for Erin in the third panel. You made her look absolutely crushed, and did it so well! I'm not sure if I should feel impressed with that or just stick with feeling bad. Maybe a little of both?

That punchline to the joke was quite humourous, gave me a decent chuckle at least. Though I believe the meaning behind the usage of Tit has been lost on some other people.

Also Erin's dumbstruck look in the last panel made me laugh a lot.

Sean Deli:
Yeah, I don't understand how a word "tit" can be used as a slur.
Tits are awesome, go team Boobs! I think the biggest misanthrope in the world, after wishing for our planet to boil in the never-ending volcano of his liquid hate so that it would be cleaned of the cesspool we call civilization, would then admit that "Boobs are nice, though."

Unless the author meant that Gearbox is full of chickadees (small birds also known as titmice, or tits) and ...

... now you are stuck with an image multiple little sparrow-like birds plucking keyboards, trying to produce an Alien-themed first person shooter.
You are welcome.


Also, the strip was fun.

Colonial Marines was not.

That is all.

Is stealing picasso's quote a meta joke in this case?


i laughed

Sean Deli:
No, of course not. Unlike tits and asses, cocks and vulvas do not have an associated mechanism of instinctive attraction built by thousand-year-long evolution going for them.
You might be very fond of vulvas on an intellectual level - by appreciating the fine mechanics of this body part or the impact on human cultural development from the neolithic age all the way till the modern time.

But attraction to tits and asses is rigged in all of us from birth till death on the biological level*
So, to sum up my answer to your question - no, boobs are more special than vulvas.

This answer was brought to you by "And now you wish you didn't know that" foundation. Tune in next TMI-Tuesday, to learn more things you wish you didn't know.

*as with everything in human biology, outliers exist in every population. If you feel no instinctive appreciation of boobs and asses - you are ok, you are just different from the median. Different does not mean better or worse, it just means different.

I disagree. Not all cultures view breasts the same way, presumably it's therefore another learned cultural thing to be attracted to breasts, rather than innate.

You hung out with the wrong comedians. When I was a stand-up the rule was if you improved a joke you had to let the originator keep the new idea...but then I never was that successful.

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