Jimquisition: Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed

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LOL Jim Jim Jim.

You should know better. You would have better luck asking gamers to stop using Steam.

You seem to forget. Ignorance is bliss. Gamers typically dont care what damage they do to the industry or other gamers. So long as they are happy, to the individual thats all that matters.

And you cant blame developers for being this fixated on preorders. How else do you get a chance to get people to pay full price for mediocre content that will have to be dropped in price within the first week due to horrible ratings? I mean the movie industry does similar things, so its not surprising publishers do it too.

So while your fanbase with all applaud you for saying it and attest to how they personally never contributed to this problem, you arent going to see any sort of effect for an impassioned plea formed out of logic and reason. You might as well have been speaking in binary.

On one hand, Jim's totally right. On the other, people gamble their money on a pre-order, and are surprised to sometimes lose that gamble when getting a shit game? Why not go stock trading instead? That way gambling on the financial equivalent of a demo and some screenshots at least gets you some of your money back if you screw up.

It's as much the gamer's responsibility to not let himself get fucked with, as it's ethical business practise not to fuck with gamers.

Also this is relevant:

I like how pirates will bundle all the exclusive pre-order bonuses from ALL the stores into the download.And yeah, I don't trust Gearbox anymore, which is sad.

This is so true. Companies who build a dodgy reputation like Gearbox did with Jim over that aliens game, are pretty much setting up their products to be pirated that way, and nobody can be blamed for it. Because when you can get those same bonuses without risking spending your money on a shit game in what's a win-win situation, who wouldn't?

I think the only three games I've ever pre-ordered were Left 4 Dead 2, Aliens vs Predators and Borderlands 2.

Thankfully, I didn't make the mistake twice by pre-ordering Colonial Marines.

I don't get preorders. There are very, VERY few games that I buy immediately on release date because I know that I can't live without them and that I know are going to be extremely awesome. Hell, I'm one of the biggest Halo fanboys I know, and I never bothered to get the Legendary editions for 2, 3, or Reach, because I'm not a bloody idiot and I don't think that the content, kinda cool as some of it is, is really worth the extra asking price when I can be buying something else, like a Fallout game or something.

Call me crazy, but I don't think I need the Valkyrie Assault Rifle to kill the Reapers, or need the special Arctic Camouflage suit to prevent myself from being assassinated from a rank 130 Spartan-IV. To date, developers haven't made it so that preorders break the game.

... To date.

... Now because I said this, game balance is gonna be thrown right the fuck out the window.

I've done a pre order once.

the second ufc game 2010 i believe. It under performed. It's sort of a lesson a gamer learns for himself. still watch jim.

The only game IŽll pre-order now a days is the totalwar series. Because I know what I get, an arcadedy grand strategy, that is extremely buggy on release. But I love that series to much, damn it.

:T I have little faith in pre-ordering anything, but I'm more than happy to never pre-order any game until they've earned it. Then again, I don't pre-order purely because I just want to wait for the price in the game itself to come down. They always do... they go from $50 to $15. You have to spend like around $35 dollars just to have the right to play it immediately. :T I've yet to find a game that has been worth that much extra money to play it.

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