Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Worst Videogame Romances

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Oh look, it's Joshua from King of the Nerds. That's cool.

Worst I can think of has to be Ethan and Madison in Heavy Rain.
Oh you're a brooding, stressed-out, suspected serial killer that I've just met and have been spying on? Let's have sex. I love you.

I'm sorry we couldn't save your son, but it's okay, you can just have one with me!

Dear god, a million times this for the Heavy Rain romance! It was so ridiculous! It came out of NOWHERE!

This has to be the single most homophobic as well as transphobic bit of "entertainment" this website has ever published. Oh, and to crown the turd, an obligatory "Peach is obliged to put out" finish.

Absolutely disgraceful. How did this ever get greenlit?

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