Unskippable: Tales of Graces F - Part One

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I was expecting the video to go in a date rapey sort of way. I was pleased

Awkward... turns.

I can tell that coma girl is just going to be a barrel of laughs...

JRPGs in Unskippable?
Why thank you sir!

Just love all the nonsense.

Yes, you guys got in some great zingers here today. And it's Part 1, so there's more righteous burning to come.

I saw the thumbnail, thought "JRPG, this is going to be awesome" and was not disappointed. Why do so many Japanese games (mostly RPGs, but see also Yakuza) start out with these long, drawn-out, inane conversations?

Gotta love a good amnesia ploy. Can't wait for the bad guys to show up..

This video might very well have my favorite line from you guys: "That's a big ass tree."

i love this series can't wait for Tales of Xillia. you know this video wasn't half bad unlike that other guy that makes me sick right now

Wow, leave some originality for the other fifteen billion JRPGs why don't you?

Captch 'be mine'. Look at what you did, now the Captcha machine can only talk in trite cliche phrases.

I was just browsing the website when this pops up. Unskippable with a JRPG is always hilarious.

The fact that no one mentioned the gigantic dark ring in the sky probably does mean it's something that tends to be there all the time. WILL THEY TALK ABOUT IT? Probably. WILL IT BE PROMPT? Probably... not.

Another good one, guys. :D

Unskippable and JPRGs are an match made in heaven

the voice acting isn't even that bad as far as JRPGs go lol...not exactly a compliment but oh well xP

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