The Big Picture: Continuity Wars

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I want a whole episode of Bob explain the internal continuity, culture, denizens etc. of all the Mario games as seriously as a real anthropologist (exopologist?).


I'm with Bob on the Mario thing, though. Subcon being a dream makes no sense. Two instances of interdimensional travel in one man's lifetime (well, two) is slightly less nonsensical, in context. Of course, this does not explain Peach and how a human got to be ruler of a bunch of mushroom people. Is she an amnesiac person from a human planet with nothing resembling a Prime Directive?

See, I never understood why fans would even WANT adaptations of the EU. That's kind of boring init? Wouldn't new stories with new surprises and new characters be much more interesting? Hell, I bet they might even cherry pick a thing or two from the EU, such as Mara Jade, but maybe mess with them. Give us a new spin. I hope so.

Great episode. Very enjoyable.

Sing it with me:

Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show
I should really just relax."

It is very sad they will ignore the books because lots of them have more compelling stories than the films did because they had to grab the attention of the reader more than a big budget film did.

I haven't read so many that i am stuck in that universe but I'll be hugely disappointed if Mara jade doesn't come around, and they don't give thrawn a series thought.

Basically Disney brought star-wars to make money, Filming what is already in book form into large block buster movies is a license to print star-wars decorated money but they are going to risk it instead by giving it over to people who clearly can't think of anything new to tell the new story... doesn't that seem completely wrong? I wouldn't give a monkey math homework and expect string theory on its return.

Why are we expecting old tired dried up writers who only want to sell the public a boring basic sell as much as it can title that will be forgotten so the next one can sell just as well.
The people who wrote the books had the imagination to take the series somewhere dark and deep while staying true and clearly doing well enough that they sold as books, as films they will kill.

I just don't want to see 10 years later "The real re-telling of after return of the jedi, based on the books!"

I still stand strong on my point of "If they want to fuck around and play with stuff, why can't they use the old republic time line, or something similar?" same with these off shoots they are doing, They don't need to sell on the characters, when they could sell on the universe Star-trek did decently in its series spin offs.
Which is a reason the reboot shouldn't have happened we could've been given a new captain entirely or not fucked with the timeline for no reason.

Younger actors playing characters we love, Love stories being shallow selling points.
Explosions, Lightsabre fights with no depth i see just to sell, when the blue print they have.

See Transformers, An animated series to sell toys to kids, loved by many rebooted into the American military working with giant robots and explosions.

Continuity has nothing on "tone".
I don't care much for continuity or reboots etc, as long as the tone or purpose of the work is interesting enough to stand on its own. I enjoyed JJ Abrams Star Trek as an action film, because what I watched was most certainly NOT Roddenberry's "Star Trek" (for better or worse).

And in that, I don't really care that Star Wars is being "resurrected" or is getting three new "in-canon" films.
Nor do I care about lore "continuity".
It is all but certain that Disney/Abrams will never recapture the tone that made the original trilogy great, mostly because they know they don't have to. Exploitation of nerd/geek culture is in vogue whether you like it or not.

So why bother getting excited again?
Or for that matter, why bother getting angry again?
There's no point in pining over the loss of the continuity of works that were never really "canon" to begin with.

Even in the prequels, Lucas showed that he did not give a FUCK about those ancillary Jedi from the comics.
It blows my mind that people willingly ignore the fact that the prequels were basically made to churn out merchandise by the gigaton. Continuity for the merchandise is scarcely an afterthought, partly by necessity but mostly because it doesn't really matter to the creators; it's just a means to an end.

(I'm guessing the only parts of Ep III people remember are Hayden Christensen murdering children, and Darth Vader pining. Order 66 might as well have read "Rocks fall and all the Jedi from the comics died").

These are no longer films made for telling a good story or demonstrating filming technique, they are marketing hubs to spur business transactions. Treat them as such.

Bob has greatly over thought Mario.

Wait, the Mushroom Kingdom's flora affects those two Toads in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and WiiU.

is actually justifies it well. Also kudos for its depiction of mario and its setting through an action shonen lens that borrows from 90s nuttiness, 80s schlock, and lots and lots of shonen anime cliches

Its best to think of Mario more as a toybox/toolkit like GI Joe only without the comics and you build your own continuity/legacy as you will informed by the designs and stories of the characters.

Same for star wars. same for anything. BUT disrupting the illusion enough will call into question while you'll put up with it.

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