Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

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I remember watching and loving this movie then watching it when I was a little older and thinking what the hell is this! But it is still a very good B movie and MK2 was also quite entertaining.

The street fighter movie was better than the legend of chun lee at least, but i dont think its as faithful as MK movie. Its really WTF in alot of places. I hear the DOA movie is actually not that bad of a fighting movie, dont know anything about the games story tho.

I agree, michael clarke duncan was the saving grace of legend of, but Raul Juuuuuulia as M. bison is a real showstopper. The unlimited hamminess he really delves into and relishes in is just unbeatable.

I really liked both of these movies when i was about eleven, but today, the MK movie stands on it's own merits (the song and jsut being fun, and i still like seeing sub-zero)and the street fighter movie stands perilously on pretty much ONLY Raul julia.

WUT? I was under the impression the original mortal kombat movie didn't need defending!

Also, some of the metal used in the soundtrack still holds up today! I would link some examples but some company had to be an asshole about copyright claims and they're wiped out.

This was my opinion too. Until somebody pointed out that maybe it just got around average reviews and made a good amount of cash, but wasn't necessarily a GOOD movie. Da funk? It's mortal kombat the movie, it's fun to see and a decent nineties martial arts flick, i really wasn't expecting an artistic reimagination where johnny cage fights the oppresive realities of fame while sonia fights off a cocaine addiction against her angry, mutated pimp goro, who employs two masked hunchbacks throwing buckets of fire and nitrogene against a rival gang.

PROTIP: ends with evrybody killing themselves after being dissillusioned with the cruelties of society,

Always loved it, just wish we could get a good street fighter movie :(

I never thought MK needed a defense. I was always under the impression that the general consensus was that MK is the only good video game movie ever made.

Fights were bad ass and a bitchin' sound track. What more do you need?

Why do people who talk about the hierarchy of video game movies always forget that the Phoenix Wright movie and the Professor Layton movie exist? The Layton movie had numbered puzzles, a seen where Layton escapes a pack of wolves by turning a chainsaw into a helicopter and ended with a stick vs. sword fight on top of a giant robot death machine that was also a musical instrument. What the fuck more more do you want?

Why are we defending Mortal Kombat? It's Mortal freaking Kombat!

I would like to add my voice to the growing call for Street Fighter. I watched that one some time after watching the Nostalgia Critic's review of it, and loved every stupid, stupid minute. Raul Julia is clearly having the time of his life, and several characters seem to know how dumb the movie is (Bison's henchman Dee Jay is quite clear on how ridiculous the situation is).

Also, on the subject of Christopher Lambert, why are nerds outraged about the prospect of a Highlander remake? If any movie needed a good remake, Highlander is it - a good solid premise, a decent first film, and a catastrophic series of sequels.

I can't believe how you didn't mention this movie basically /is/ Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, with some MK characters added.
Which is precisely why it is so good, EtD is a near-perfect Martial Arts film so MK ripped off from the best.

I guess I'm the only one with a contrasting opinion. Mortal Kombat was awful on pretty much every level. The movie came out when I was eleven (didn't really have remarkably high standards at that age) and I knew it was garbage then. We're talking about a game series that became popular for two reasons:

1. The gore

2. The character designs

I suppose you could also mention the game's semi-realistic graphics due to its live action capture method but I don't believe that was the first game to have done that so I'm gonna ignore that aspect.

Anyway, the gore was non-existent. The studio pulled a normal Hollywood cop out and lowered the rating to PG-13 removing anything edgy. "Fuck the source material. We want money." That's pretty much in-excusable and should end the argument right there. The games were mainly popular because of the blood soaked violence and the movies had basically none of it.

I might have been able to look past that glaring, slap-in-the-face fact if the movie had actually looked good. Which it did not. It looked horrible. *Everything* looked horrible. I'd say that Lui Kang was the only agreeable thing ascetically. Even Johnny Cage was awful. How hard is it to find a really arrogant looking white guy?! I remember being particularly disappointed because I knew that it was possible for the characters/scenery to be done proper through live action. I knew this because of the commercial for MKII which played on television a year prior to the film. Take a look:

Explain to me why a tv ad looks better than a major movie release. Anyone? It's a shame they didn't hire that commercial's director instead. Maybe then we would have gotten something that at the very least *looked* good.

I suppose if you like utterly mediocre martial art stunts, terrible acting and lackluster costumes then Mortal Kombat is a pretty good movie. <_<

...and the best video game movie to date is Silent Hill. And even that's not a very good movie.

I'm going to watch this now. Thank you Jim

Some good points. I have always said this is one of the better videogame movies (plus the soundtrack is awesome to work out to).
Any plans to do Resident Evil or Silent Hill?

I'm confused. WHO ever said that MortalKombat is a bad movie? In my circle of friends i never heard someone say a bad thing about it. Come to think of it, I never heard someone say something bad about it ever, anywhere.

I'm surprised you didn't touch on the set design. Mortal Kombat had some of the best designed sets of the year, and in my opinion should have won an Oscar for them. That it wasn't even nominated is, I think, an enormous snub.

I'll always love the first Mortal Kombat movie

And maybe it's just because I grew up in the days when Mortal Kombat was considered THE coolest game ever, the movie was consequently one of the coolest movies I had ever seen.

Granted, watching it now in comparison to modern martial arts movies it looks laughably choreographed and slow, but at it's time it was frickin' awesome.

i thought it was only the second movie, annihilation was hated... well i certainly enjoyed the first one and loathed the second movie

Shocked he had to defend the original movie! I love and still own that one, whereas Annihilation is not allowed in my house in any form. Someone mentioned him doing Street Fighter next. Yeah, good luck defending that POS!

I love this movie.
Sequel is garbage but it's so bad it's good. XD

Though recently there was the Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright movie which were pretty good in my opinion.

Yeah, I liked the first Mortal Kombat movie - it's just fun to watch.

However, for pretty much the same reasons, I would have to say that DOA is the best video game movie ever made. That was a movie which knew exactly what it needed to be.

Jimothy Sterling:
Mortal Kombat


Watch Video

As usual,you are indeed wise,Jim. 3:28 Yeah,that's a GOOD thing. 3:56 And sometimes,that's exactly what people klike myself want. A fun video game movie. Respect. I say embrace your lunacy, or at least embrace the crazier parts of your mind,for evryone needs to be a little crazy at some point in their lives. Take a risk.

Christopher Lambert. He makes that movie fun, he just plays himself regardless of what film he's in, kind of like Jeff Bridges. :P

I dunno. I liked Mortal Kombat 2 more. The end fight was excruciatingly boring and mispaced for me which is all I remember from the whole thing. That said, it's infinitely better than that atrocious concept trailer of gritty Mortal Kombat which I hope died in production hell.

I nominate Prince of Persia as the best videogame based movie. I know a lot of people have problems with it but I can't figure out what those problems are.

The end fight scene was too short if anything in MK1 although I always thought it was cool how Shang Tsung summons the dead warriors from the portals around the room. That was a nice touch anyway.

I do have to agree on MK2. It was so ridiculous and over the top that it was entertaining (I thought the jade fight scene actually looked pretty cool, the opening sequence/transition of it anyway).

What about the second MK movie?

Sterling forgot one of the greatest things about the MK movie!

Ahh I had that one on audio tape at the time, now I feel old x.x

so i take it you didnt like silent hill movie? thats too bad, time for a movie defence battle? or is that too MK for you?

Jimothy Sterling:
Mortal Kombat


Watch Video

Damn it Jim, where am i gonna find a copy of this to relive the magic

Thank you Jim!
Watching this movie at the theaters for the first time is forever in my memories as the start to one of the coolest nights I had with some good friends.

Why are we defending this movie? It was awesome!

I absolutely LOVE Mortal Kombat the Movie for...PRETTY much all the reasons Jim said here: it's a videogame movie that isn't ashamed of its roots. And at its core: it's a competent supernatural kung-fu movie. What the hell ELSE would it need to be?


I agree completely. Mortal Kombat was the best video game based movie ever. After all, what other video game based movie was more faithful to it's source material? I can't think of one. Although I will disagree with you Jim on Raiden, I thought Christopher Lambert's Raiden was pretty awesome, I only wish he had a larger part to play.

He certainly would have made Annihilation more bearable, but I think Jim had more of a problem with Raiden not being the Raiden from the game.

I think he has a problem with the actor himself. He said "Christopher Lambert is utter garbage as Raiden because he is Christopher Lambert". Or some such. Not a Highlander fan, it's safe to assume. Lambert is a good actor in my opinion. His performance for White Material in 2009 was praised for example and in that movie he was playing a completely different character from what Highlander, Beowulf and Mortal Kombat gave us.

I find it strange that Jim Sterling doesn't comment on the one aspect in which the movie differs from the game and everyone gives it shit for: the lack of gore. Good riddance in my eyes. But what about you, Jim?

The movie was great just because of the Mortal Combat song. That sonG got me so jazzed when I listened to it.

This movie was fucking glorious. Easily the best video game movie ever. I actually like the 2nd movie as well, though my recollection of that movie is considerably less clear.

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