Escape to the Movies: Jack the Giant Slayer

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Mickey Mouse should start doing fairytales again. When was the last time you saw him in anything besides videogames?

Bioshock apparently

I don't know much, but...isn't Bioshock a videogame?

You know its funny i didn't even realize it until you said it lol

1. Bob... Couldn't you have just said "Give this a pass, it's trashy and forgettable" and then gone on and reviewed Stoker? I mean, come on, I'm sure it would be more interesting. I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Oh well.

2. A somewhat positive remark on Amazing Spider-man, whoop! I was really psyched by the new suit.

It was filmed mostly in the town I live, got to meet ewan.

I really want Singer to do well. He directed two of my favorite movies of all time, and he's competent. He should go back to smaller budgets perhaps.

Can't say that I'm really surprised this film ended up being a dudd. Next up, Mary: Rise of the Nano Lambs

I can honestly see this really working. I mean, if the nano lambs are enacting some type of grey goo scenario
( ) centered around one little girl they're following and making everything white. Or as medical technology meant to act as her immune system that malfunctions and starts attacking carriers of disease, aka other people. It's even got some real life parallels with Typhoid Mary.

I can see the trailer in my head. I want this movie. It doesn't need actual nursery rhyme parallels, but I love the concept.

Hey Mr. Bob, regarding that line about Hoult trying to become a leading man, you said "yeah, good luck with that" (something close to those lines) and showed a poster for Warm Bodies as if the movie was crap. I thought you enjoyed it and Hoult's performance in it?

Am i missing the spiderman thing at the end?

Did MovieBob even watch the movie?

That's the feeling I get after watching his review. I saw the movie and liked it. It's no artistic masterpiece, but it was thoroughly enjoyable and avoided just enough of the cliches to be interesting. It certainly wasn't as bad as he made it sound.

I'm beginning to question MovieBob's taste in movies, especially after hearing that he gave a thumbs up to Superman Returns.

My wife and I go on a movie date every week, aside from the big release times we just end up seeing whatever is out. This week it was jack the giant slayer. Now by no means was it an amazing movie, it doesn't deserve an award, it wont make alot of money, and it will just be a footnote in the career of those involved. But I was entertained for the duration of the movie, as was my wife....neither of us left the theater in an uproar or angry about the future of cinema or anything of that sort, we just sorta agreed "eh, not bad" and moved on. My point being that all movies don't HAVE to win awards, make huge profits, or highlight the next big names career. It was decently a form of did its job.

The way they ended the movie was complete trash, I will concede that...and I'm rather shocked that wasn't mentioned in the review.

Li Mu:

I feel like I should be surprised, but I'm not... Kinda want a review of Stoker now.

Maybe it's for the best Singer didn't get Star Wars

Mark Kermode's review of Stoker.
I'm worried about Park Chan Wook's translation to Hollywood, but Kermode seems to think it's good.

Bob says it's like a Brian DePalma movie when we was actually good, so I'm interested in seeing it. Trouble is I can't find it at any local theaters. On a side note, what the hell happened to DePalma?

I think Bob might have been having a bit of a bad mood when he went to watch this.

I saw it over the weekend and while it won't be winning any awards, it was perfectly serviceable for an otherwise boring day. Always gotta appreciate Ewan McGregor being dapper.

Although I will admit the 'surprise' at the end was really freaking dumb.

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