Jimquisition: Emotions, Polygons, and Ellen Page

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Honestly I have to say thank you for that disturbing imagery at the end of the video but I digress. You have gone and summed up everything that the industry keeps saying. Its graphics that make games. We need more graphics to make better games. If graphics make the game can someone tell me why one of my favorite games this gen was Dragon Age Origins? Or Why I enjoyed Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 and 2 so much as well as Ghost Recon Future solider. Do they really think we are dumb enough to keep going down this road where we need better graphics to get immersed in the game? If anything when the graphics get too close to reality its almost off putting it suspends the feeling of hey I'm invincible and I just killed an entire group of peasants who attacked me for no reason. It then turns into well.... I just killed my Neighbor Steve and his children I'm a horrible person...

To be honest, I found this episode a bit lacking. It was a nice parody, yes, but there was no punch-line, no argument to be made... it's just the same mindless shit the whole internet seems to churn out whenever David Cage shows his face somewhere. To sum it up, the hyprocrisy in this entire topic starts to get boring.

David Cage's games are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they're not bad, either. You may not like them, but objectively, they work pretty well and many people enjoyed them. All he said in the PS4 event was that better technology means less limitations for artists, which is true.
Did he say every game character had to look like that demo? No.
Did he say that that was the only way to get emotion across? No.
Those are statements "hardcore" gamers put in his mouth because they don't enjoy his games and for some reason it's currently cool to bash him... but we all know they'll drool over some screenshots of a fancy next-gen game, too.

It was difficult to follow this video because Jim only had a single-sided polygon on his face the whole time, so effectively only had one emotion. Was he sad? As he happy? It's completely ambiguous because I could not see the wrinkles in his face.

Hmm, I liked the subject matter, and it was a good parody, but I think it'd have worked better if perhaps the David Cage mockery was done for maybe the first minute or so, then the rest as normal.

It was good, I just felt the joke was wearing a little thin by the end.

This is basically how I feel about it. I get his point, but he really should have taken it more places instead of going full parody.

That was the funniest episode I've seen of the Jimquisition so far. Thank you and I look forward to more. The accent was perfect. If I had a spare $10 million, I'd give it to Cage under the agreement that he is to try and make a better movie than The Great Train Robbery.

Needed less David Cage impression and more discussing why his views are delusional.

You don't really "get" parody do you?

okay so
polygons = emotions
pixels = feels ?

OT: can't comment, really
never played either indigo prophecy nor heavy rain and even less omikron, so... yeah, I don't know whether or not the guy actually knows his shit when it comes to emotions and such
except for the "you gotta have polygons to properly show emotions", that's bullshit

Best Jim Sterling video imo. My sides hurt from laughing!

hrm... really not feeling this one at all.

Señor Sterling just comes off as a bully, making fun of the little fat boy who likes ballet. Following him around and doing exaggerated, parodic impressions of him in the halls between classes so that all the other kids will laugh at him.

Nobody is forcing you to go to his recitals Jim.

I don't really see the point, the purpose or the motive behind this kind of engagement other than that Jim might just be a giant fucking douchebag.


I felt the same way, making fun of someone's accent when English isn't even their first language always struct me as particularly dickish. I wouldn't appreciate it if I learned to speak French and had some French guy mocking me for my accent. Not really sure what Cage did that was such a sin and there was really nothing constructive said in this video. Jim's always talking about different types of games filling different types of niches and, believe it or not, Cage's brand of point-and-click adventure has a niche too. I'm not going to pretend that the dialogue is always great or that the character models of Heavy Rain never slipped into uncanny valley but I don't think that's any reason to make a video that basically says "stop trying forever you stupid foreign idiot". I haven't played Beyond Two Souls and don't really plan to but what I have seen made it look like the actual character's look a lot better and I don't see any reason to deride anyone who pushes graphical technology. I know graphics aren't everything but they are something and some devs would rather try to have something that looks like real life instead of something heavily stylised. This just seemed like complaining about the Matrix because it had better visual effects than Star Wars.

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