Trailers: Dead Space 3: Awakened - Launch Trailer

Dead Space 3: Awakened - Launch Trailer

The things that Isaac has seen might just be the reason for the crazy.

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Ah I see, rather fitting for EA's antics as of late, chopping something up for their own depraved reasons. :D

OT: Huh, a cult of humans that "dress" like the Slashers, I'll admit, that looks interesting. Reminds me of some Chaos cult from the Warhammer 40K verse in their devotions like that.

I think seeing things like there is no cure, you just try and keep the crazy in the back of your head as best you can, unless Issac is a Grey Knight or something, those images are gonna haunt him till he dies, plain and simple.

How has this guy not put a gun in his mouth& pulled the trigger // All the stuff he has seen& gone through, there is no way he sleeps soundly at night

Like, he's just a normal guy been forced to go through Hell& bear withness to the horrors of space. . . soon we or later he is going to reach his breaking point


This looks pretty interesting

Now, I know this complaint is petty (I think), but for the Others sake; All the shaky/jump cuts really ruffle my johnnies. It's disorienting to watch!

Can't fault that for a horror game, but still something to note... I guess

And by the time this comes out, I'll be so well armed that anything that comes with visual range will be pummeled into even greater unrecognizability.


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