LoadingReadyRun: Frank Miller's SimCity

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In the split second before Graham released the lizard, i seriously believed he was going to say something along the lines of "take out their servers" or something. Disappointed. I mean, who needs that 4th wall anyway, it just gets in the way.


Eric the Orange:
If this was really a Frank Miller Production then Kathleen would have been a whore. Because in Frank Millers head all women are whores.

She sounded like the one that takes care of all the whores - the whore that rose above the whore corporate ladder and became the whore-in-charge.

(I know there's a word for that but I can't recall what it is).

Your thinking of a Madam of a brothel, but that's more of a secretary.

Guys, I absolutely loved this sketch! :D

Seriously, I think this has got to be amongst my Top 10 LRR sketches (and, seriously, I hate even picking just 10).
The effects were perfect, the tone nailed it and it was pricelessly funny to boot :D

'Crime? What crime? We have the lowest crime rate in the states. Right, Corrupt Police Chief?'
'I didn't see nuthin'

Loved Graham's voice over, too. Really loved the red tie effect on Paul and the white out effect used on James' glasses.

Superb work guys!

Wow. You guys went all-out on the visuals of this one. Very nice!

that was awesome!
loved how Paul said "human waste"

Great episode! Gorgeous style, great commedy, amazing show!


Now I wanna play sim city.... thanks guys...

You could always get one of the older ones. It'd be kind of funny if after the new game released, they saw a significant spike in sales for the previous games.

After the current server issues, GOG saw a sales spike in Sim City 2000. This was also due to some brilliant marketing on their part.

Awesome video.

That was quite awesome. Loved it! The whole Sin City look was just perfect.
I'd imagine it would be a pretty interesting game.

And for some reason I didn't notice the Sim/Sin pun... I'm bad at geekery.

Actually, neither did I. I was thinking, for a Sin City parody, this is pretty good!

This is the best thing to have Frank Miller's name in it in years.

This is the best thing to have Frank Miller's name in it in years.



I ain't seen nothin!

Heh, I am glad we got to see that solution Graham put together in action...

I knew strippers would be involved as soon as I read the title.

Fun video.

Glen Morangie:

If it didn't have always online DRM I would buy this game =]

I don't think the problem is with it being always on. If ya know what I mean.


Good point =]

In a world where the water is pure moonshine... Good luck putting out those fires!

Nice episode, someone should work on a SinCity mod for SimCity. (And it ain't gonna be me)

Why won't the video load? It says "Error 37."

Oh, I mean "Service Unavailable."

No seriously, the video loads fine. Am I the only one who expected Graham to just pick up the phone and say "FUNDS" and then the camera starts shaking? XD I really liked the production on this one. Swanky retro hats off whoever directed and edited it.

Wow. Just remembered I dreamt that I met Kathleen last night. And I told her that I wanted to see more of those NASA conspiracy characters.

Assuming you can get into the game. Turn the Settings Filter to Red and Black, and turn down the brightness:

Evil Smurf:

(I know there's a word for that but I can't recall what it is).

Your thinking of a Madam of a brothel, but that's more of a secretary.[/quote]

More like sexcretary, amirite?

But seriously, really interesting video even though I know next to nothing about Sims.

You guys are the gods of good comedy! You should have your own show on TV! Better yet, you should replace Saturday Night Live, you are way funnier then them

No problem too complex or too big that a Japanese giant lizard cannot solve.

This video almost made me buy the game. Almost.

Sin City was awesome!

I love this sketch it even more after the Loading Time vid :)

captcha: "No stinking badges": well I don't think so

Best Load ready Run every by far. also i would so buy this game.

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