The Big Picture: Trolling The 90s

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Oh man, MovieBob...well, you leave me no choice: I must go find my 90s Nerf water gun, cheap black sunglasses and a scrunchie or two. Once I have these items, I shall be transported back to when I was a kid in that magic era and go forth across the landscape and have a glorious adventure in the 1990s!

Seriously though, I have nothing but found memories of that era (I prefer to refer to myself as an 80s child, but I was a toddler/young grade-school kid during that period) and it'll be fun to reminisce throughout the month of March :) As to comment on this video's topic: I do remember Trolls, especially the Stone Protectors line. We had a few of them floating around my house (my grandmother still has a few in her bedroom to this day) when I was young.

I remember those Shark guys... weren't they a surfer band that got mutated by the villain? The premise was awfully similar to TMNT.
Did you really just say the trolls were from Mithrandir? Like, GANDALF? Fighting Saurion? Ugh, they couldn't come up with anything better, so they stole names from Tolkien.

Oh the 90's..everything, and I mean EVERYTHING had a cartoon! Street Sharks? Sure. Action Man? Why not. Crypt Keeper? You betcha. There is enough material right there to do an all 90's cartoon channel (and yes, some of those shows are shown still on certain channels but mixed in with live shows).

Oh, my god, I was just thinking about the Stone Protectors yesterday. Weird how crap from your formative years just... bubbles up when you're not expecting it.

It is weird. I just found one in a bin at my daughter's day-care on Monday and thought "ssssiiiiiggghhhh, they weren't all destroyed?".

I had "Chester" and "(whatever the samurai one's name was)" as a kid. They mainly just got their asses kicked by the TMNT or the entire cast of ReBoot.

The only good thing about the 90s were the rpgs...

Your opinion has been objectively proven wrong by science:

Makes me remember waking up 6 in the morning to watch Robocop and The Bot Master... Good times...

Damn Bob, I had all of the Street Sharks toys.
I never even knew there was a show...

Please do that episode.

I actually knew a few of the voice actors for that show because they worked at the local theatre that i was involved in as a teen. You'd be surprised how many voice actors live and operate out of the 'accent-less' midwest.

Whoa, whoa, whoa....a Troll movie?
Come on now.


I want a episode all about the street sharks(and other shows like SWAT Kats,Biker Mice from Mars and Road Rovers)

I second that, though I only remember watching Bikers Mice from Mars when I was a kid.

I went back and watched the old cartoon its still good. It tackles some mature stuff for a kids show. The 2006 reboot is not bad either

hearing this in order makes you realise what an unimaginably huge succes pokemon is. That concept has some serious resilience.

Exactly. How many IPs have sustained constant popularity as long as Pokémon? I don't know if they're as huge as they were back when I was a kid, but it's still crazy how strong they're still going. Remember when the coolest thing you could have was the Charizard card which did 100 damage with Fire Spin? Kids were clawing their eyes out to have on of those back in the day.

If Bob ever decides to do an episode on Street Sharks or Biker Mice from Mars, I think my nostalgia vessels will burst. Add in a reference to Super Soakers and the nostalgia trip will be complete.

there's not one toy in that video that didn't make me wanna recoil in horror. seriously. how come most dolls from the 30s to the 90s look like some demonic shrunken human as if the makers wanted to stay in the uncanny vally

i actually loved the street sharks!

Anyone remembers the Centurions??? Dude I loved those cartoons, oh Cartoon Network where art thou...


commencing my nostalgia dump

OMG Street Sharks? I had one of those toys and I never knew it was a TV show.


YES! A billion times yes! Did you know that Jim was played by Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley)?

EDIT: Hugh Laurie, Richard E Grant, Chris Barrie! OMFG! Some of the best British actors! WOW I need to watch this show again!

Although the quality of the video is poor...that is some damn good animation!

90's was awesome :P

God I loved Street shark.

Trolls are the ugliest dolls ever coinceived anyway.

I'll add my voice to the crowd: please do a Street Sharks episode Bob!

/observes Street Sharks and Trollz cartoon references

Oh, look, more cheesy-looking DiC properties. Color me surprised.

Mummies Alive! deserves a mention if not a whole episode. That show was just weird. And yeah Street Sharks featured prominently on my watching list along with extreme dinosaurs, biker mice from mars and my favorite, Swat Kats. It was like Top Gun only goose didn't die and it was Cat people fighting monsters.

Although really i think an episode needs to go to that magical golden age of cartoons on WB. There was time when they were making Tiny Toons, Freakzoid, Hysteria, AND Animaniacs (and by extension Pinky and the Brain). Great line up on that channel saturday mornings.

Damn Bob, I had all of the Street Sharks toys.
I never even knew there was a show...

Please do that episode.

dude, fuckin' Street Sharks was awesome.


I can't believe it, but i STILL remember the words to that theme song ><

I'll definitely be looking forward to the rest of 90's Month, especially for all the nostalgia. I never watched anything troll-related, but I DO recall "Street Sharks", albeit very vaguely.

Oh, god... I remember the Trollz... I was quite found of the show when I was 12.

I always hated the troll dolls I thought they were fuck ugly.

I remembered seeing these troll knock offs as a kid when I was at Toys R Us, but I missed out on seeing the shows, mostly because I didn't know about any of them.

As for the original Trolls themselves, I had like 2 or 3 and that was it.

This puts Bobby Hills obsession with troll dolls in a new perspective....
Wait, how did that not get brought up in this episode?


My personal favorite of these attempts was Hasbro's [i]Battle Trolls[i], which reworked whatever boy-toy theme they could think of into Troll form. See: Count Trollula, Sergeant Troll, Trollclops, Punk Troll, Slapshot Troll, the Trollminator, &c.

And now, MLP fan artists are doing that with ponies...

As if MLP needs it. What little boy doesn't want to be an equine princess?


The nostalgia...IT BURRRRNS....

"Our stones of power glow!"


Your opinion has been objectively proven wrong by science:

How dare you mock a hard-working licensed contractor.

Z of the Na'vi:
...I freaking loved Street Sharks. Still do.

Street Sharks... now THERE'S a TV series I watched like Hell as a kid... So much so I want to buy all the episodes on DVD or iTunes or whatever, but I can't for the life of me find any.

You're in luck, my friend.

The entire series was recently put on Amazon DVD.

Aww sweet, thanks dude!

I like how the moment Bob mentioned Street Sharks, the ENTIRE thread/topic lit up.

I used to love Street Sharks. Also that other Ninja Turtles knockoff which was basically the same but with dinosaurs.

I haven't seen it since I was a kid, it was probably terrible, but ah the memories :)

Um, Bob?

...Do you just KNOW these things? And if so, HOW THE FLYING HELL DO YOU JUST KNOW THESE THINGS???!!!

come on street sharks were AWESOME.

SHIT! I just remembered a most awesome cartoon, I'm not sure about the title though. I THINK it was called Pirates of the Dark Seas or something, it was a pirate-themed cartoon in a fantasy setting, there was this dark water that pull down and destroy every ship it touched and all, and then there was the good guy and I think he had some sort of magical sword or something. I first came to know by means of a SNES game, and then I saw it in either Cartoon Network or Globo (a HUGE Brazilian network)

O_O Holy shit, I remember the wrestling troll. I think my friend had one when we were really little and I loved how it had a gem on the front. Oh my god, this feeling of nostalgia is weird. Is this how MovieBob feels all the time? <.<

I clearly did not spend enough time watching TV in the 90s, because I've never heard of 2/3rd of this stuff!

Proverbial Jon:
I grew up in the 90s and I barely remember Trolls. I know my sister had a few of them but she's 15 years older than me so she was hardly the target audience at the time.

I think the traditional-looking ones were marketed as some kind of collectable thing though - my mother had three of them at one point.

What is it with cartoons and ear-splitting voices?

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