Jimquisition: Innovation - Gaming's Snake Oil

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Jimothy Sterling:

Yeah and you can outline the plot to the Shawshank Redemption in five minutes.

Right. So, if it only takes five minutes to outline the movie's plot, why would choose to stretch it out to 30 minutes? That's essentially what you've done here. You've taken something that needed approximately 30 seconds to one minute, and padded it out to over six minutes. Why?

Seriously, why did you feel the need to repeat the exact same thing approximately a dozen times?

Really i agree that the idea the innovation has some kinda of magic ability to make a game good is silly.
But zelda is not a good example of a series that keeps the core gameplay in tact while innovating.
3 of the the last 4 zelda games had terrible controls,and bad exploration.
The bad exploration is really because the were modeled after a certain other zelda game but that games only problem was the exploration(and no i don't mean tp)

A good video to link around today, since everyones main complaint about Watch Dogs seems to be it isn't innovative enough x3

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