StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review

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Banelings should never be allowed to jump....
The fact that Blizzard even conceived of that is terrifying.

Eventhough they technically appear as a patch in WoL aswell I think it is kind of weird for a review to not mention a single of the UI changes. Mutual replay watching, taking over replays, clans and groups, more streamlined visual interface. All pretty important new features that for all intents and purposes are a part of the HotS package.

I'll may get the expansion down the line (yay for Blizzard for unlocking regional language!, I can finally play the game in english! :D), but meanwhile, my question is, will the multiplayer experience be the same if I still don't own the expansion?, or will they separate it like in the days of StarCraft 1 vs Brood Wars.

There are separate ladders and WoL players don't get access to the HOTS unit changes. I don't know if custom games can be tied to a specific expansion.

would it be trolling if i asked you if you ran into some mayor bugs.....?

Mayor bugs you say?

Why yes, I do think so!

Bought the expansion, played through the campaign. Personal thought: not worth the money.

A seemingly glaring omission from the section reviewing multiplayer is the unranked multiplayer, which is huge for casuals

Eric the Orange:

What the... how did you play the Kaldir missions with Prime QoB? Can you really put that mission off long enough to become upgraded? That's... surprising!

Master Archives let you replay levels with the maximum possible upgrades that you could have on that level.

How? Every time I've done it, it lowers my level down.

It could have been a few missions longer or the missions themselves could have been longer, my only real beef with it.

Campaign was fantastic in terms of story and gameplay. Dialogue was cheesy/bad- to be expected from a Blizzard game nowadays, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

Still one of the best games I've played in the past few years, right behind Telltale's The Walking Dead; highly recommend it.

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