The Wishlist: Munitio SV Earphones

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I like to call these earbeads, I have ones that cost less than 2€ for 3 months already :D
As for my PC I have 11€ full on headphones which do their job perfectly.
This is why I don't watch this show, I'm not a sap for marketing.

haha. i actually have neon green cables. see:
$129.99 doesn't sound like its worth it though.

I think, Munitio may be better known for their 9mm shell casing and bass-boosted earphones.

Munitio has been making earphone since 2010, yet I assume I wasn't in a race to survey the primary discharges on the grounds that the earpieces were intended to look like projectile housings. I'm generally doubtful of headphone plans that appear to put such an emphasis on a visual trick, yet Munitio has extended past its initial models, and the Munitio SV is a $129.99 (list) in-trench demonstrate with a basic visual outline and strong sound execution.

Link removed, please don't advertise. -Mod

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