The Big Picture: The Big Picture of Boston

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why do i have visuals of turning on the international news to scenes of multiple cosplayers being arrested on top of buildings. i will be disappointed now if it doesnt happen

Yeah, Boston! Hometown represent! Go Sox, Go Pats!

Good tour Bob and I love your accent, don't have one myself although my dad does. I went to the Museum of Science all the time as a kid and I actually have a picture and video of me being lifted up in a cage for the Van De Graaf generator to shock. Its actually pretty sick, I need to find it. Wish I could go to PAX this year but I'm poor and busy so I have no such luck.

It looks like a lovely city, thanks for the little tour Bob. Since I don't have much money and it would cost a lot to travel there, I won't be heading to Pax any time soon :(

I suspect most people at Pax East will be too busy being at PAX East to even see this video...

lol Hey bob you think that free T-rex statute is cool go to Drumheller Alberta Canada. they have statues like that on every street corner, no really and there one where you can climb up into its mouth and see all of the badlands surrounding the city.

Ok, what is the big deal with PAX Prime/East? I just don't get it. Both had about 70,000 attendees in 2011 (the most recent year I can get the stats from) whereas New York Comic Con had over 105,000 the same year. NYCC is the sister con for San Diego Comic Con (which is *the* Con), is way bigger than PAX, is held in a better city, and yet it gets hardly any attention anywhere. What's the deal with that?

P.S. - Red Sox suck. GO YANKEES!!

Thanks for the video, Bob! Boston is a wonderful city. You made me realize how much I miss the couple of summers I spent there.

Are you allowed to go to the children's museum if you are not a child or if you do not have children?

I ask because that place looks fun.

Very nice video, Bob. I get having that hometown pride when something you like is in town, like the GDC at San Francisco. I liked that joke on Assassin's Creed cosplayers. "Don't climb on the historic buildings!"

captcha: how likely do you feel that you might get shingles
my answer: Very unlikely
my preferred answer: who are you, WebMD?

"We have found the last Van Gogh, it is in Boston, commence operation Retrieve Lost Ear"

I expected Bob to be more portly. Also Boston looks allot like Amsterdam public transport wise. A bit less complex though with basically straight lines going everywhere from a central point.

Figuring out how to use the T seems a doddle compared to London's Tube. Seriously. Naming train lines after the colour you'll use on the map? Amateurs...

How droll to see the lower class cities play at public transportation! They even have a Silver line instead of a Grey line. How the peasantry can be so upliftingly optimistic about common things.

More live-Bob during Big Picture, less echo during live-Bob and I think we got a good (fully optional) addiotion to the show, assuming it isn't too much extra-work.
Which is probably is...

A public service announcement addendum to this video: If you are not from the area, avoid getting on the purple commuter rail trains. These can lead you to areas outside of Interstate 495, which is where civilization ends until you reach New York, Chicago, Toronto, or Montreal. For reference:

Is it just me, or was his accent very noticeable in this episode?

Sorry all I got was a jumble of scenes from The Departed and Dropkick Murphys played just a bit too loud...

For anyone who cares:

Here is the folk song Bob was referencing. On a related note, Kingston Trio was effing awesome, and more people should listen to them.

I only spent a weekend in Boston and this really makes me want to back and check out some of the things I missed. I did walk the freedom trail and tried to take one of the walking tours but within 3 minutes my British-ness started to come out and I had to leave before the guide stabbed me.

In all though I really like the city and was impressed with the T, really easy to navigate.

Is it just me, or was his accent very noticeable in this episode?

I think that's the point, in an episode about Boston he's allowed to sound like a Bostonian.

I would like further episodes about Boston, this episode has been Bob at his best.

What, no mention of Cambridge at all? Bob, I'm disappointed in you.

I actually heard the song that Charlie is from. He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston. He's the man that never returned. He stays alive by eating sandwiches his wife hands him through the train's window. Why she doesn't give him the five cents he needs to get off, I don't know.

I've been to Boston and a tour of Fenway Park was the coolest thing I did there. Like, it was seriously awesome.

Wow... Bob looks a lot less cool than he sounds...

Wow... Bob looks a lot less cool than he sounds...

at least he has a face.......... >.>

OT: I was literally mindblown by this video Bob. Not because of what it contained (I couldn't careless about Boston... total waste of a video, never do something like this unless it actually has something to do with anything relevant), but because I FINALLY GOT TO SEE YOU!

Obviously that statue is there to celebrate Leif Erikson Day

You are blurry. Focus! (Actually, I think you accidentally have the background in focus and not you, I managed to do this on a fashion parade shoot yesterday, it is annoying since I lost a lot of good photos.)

I have heard quite a lot about Boston due to some people I know who live there. Watch out for a man in leather with matching bright-flourescent hair and beard, he will rip on you unmercilessly. Also wears a ski mask that is known to make cars crash on the road when he is a pedestrian.

A bit disappointed about the New England Aquarium, you will not be able to see "the guts of a turtal"

Some more tourist attractions

Sticking your arm up to the elbow into ET figurines at the Children's Museum

From the Boston Science Museum, the dude who runs the lightning generator used to rant about things "not being science"

Ask Don Sakland for a tour of the Boston Public Library

The Combat Zone is not really that big any more unfortunately (Chinatown area)

I've never been super interested in PAX, but now I really wanna go to Boston.

I remember Yahtzee once talked about how weird it was when Bob spoke outside of his presentation voice. Now I see why. You're voice is great and everything, I just need to get used to the actual voice and face behind the fabled Movie Bob.

Man, I really loved this Boston Bob-centric big picture episode (say that ten times fast!). I've always wanted to see the aquarium and the Gardens but knowing some of the other attractions just makes me want to visit more. My bestie does live in Mass. I wonder just how close to Boston she is..... hmmm

Great episode Bob, love the sarcastic humor, very my style.

I love how Bob's way of talking about the city and it's people make seem like nobody has any idea of what they're doing when they change something in the city "we made a statue in case of this... but never happened so we have a statue :D" Which just adds to how much I've wanted to visit Boston.

Yeah yeah that's all good but..

What about the ladies of Boston? Are they really ugly as the movie 'TED' says?

I've been really curious about that after watching the movie.

Boston seems like a pretty cool place to hang out though, with my Lakers jersey and Dodgers cap on.

So wait wait, hold on. in the 19th century, a bunch of people decided they might possibly find remnants of Norse settlements on the shores of Boston, so a bunch of Norwegians suggested they build a statue. Of an Icelander....

Oh America, will you ever change?

Boston seems like a nice big-small city...
PAX would be nice to visit, the town would be nice to visit and it'd be great to get to LFCs owners homestadium :D

I keep getting suprised about people mentioning never seeing his face. He does do two other web shows where his face is always on screen. "Game Overthinker" and "Overbytes"

I just watched this whole episode despite the fact that I'll probably never go to Boston, because MovieBob's accent is AWESOME!

Oh yah! Oh yah! Harda! Harda!

Edit: Seems like alot of people haven't seen Bob before, well there's more of him on the escapist expo vids, he even did a mario dance in one of them. Don't know if you can still find them on the website though.

Good rundown Bob. I live in New Hampshire, but I always loved visiting Boston. I've been to the science museum and aquarium more times than I can count. Mostly because at least once a year schools up here take a trip down and visit the place.

You also get this strange sense of how old everything is down there. I mean, it's not that strange, I do live in NH which is about as old. I guess there's a greater appreciation for history there, probably because Boston was the biggest city in the country during the Revolution.

PS: Faneuil Hall probably has some of the best food I've eaten in Boston.

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