The Big Picture: The Big Picture of Boston

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Oh God, he went full Bostonian.

You went full Bostonian, man. Never go full Bostonian.

Little tip for all those driving.

I live in New York. I find driving around Manhattan easier than Boston. Make of that as you will.

And while on that topic, are you a Yankees Fan? Great! Good for you!

Do not show it in any way at all.




Bloirry vidio.

Tirrible auhdio.

Didn't go to PAX this year, but that was still very informative. Boston's alwats been one of my "I should go there some day" destinations and it's nice to know a little more about the place from this perspective.

I need to get back to Boston sometime.

I hope someone made a bad slasher movie about the Charlie of those Charlie Card/Ticket/story.

And I'm genuinely tempted to go to Boston, regardless of conventions.

Well there is The Midnight Meat Train.

You should totally stop by, we got a lot of monuments to look at and the restaurants are great!

Sounds like SCP 342.

"Please obey all traffic laws and traffic signs"

I will when Bostonians will...

It was good to see Bob in front of the camera again (instead of when I seen him in the Escapist Expo videos) and, like others here, I would prefer to see him rather than the smiley faces and such.

As for Boston, Bob's summation seals the deal for me. Despite the fact that I watched the video more to see how many locations he'd show that were also shown in Spenser: For Hire (as opposed to Leverage) than anything else... :D

You shoudl do travel advertisements, the only ad eve that made me actually want to come and take a look.
also you could have seen how bob looked before, in the expo videos.

I'm sorry Bob, I usually love Escape to the Movies and Big Picture, but this was terrible. Every single person who *wasn't* attending PAX, like, say, virtually all of them, had absolutely nothing in this video. I was expecting, say, some commentary on that PyCon fracas, not randomly "Let's come visit Boston". Let's not come visit Boston. Some of us need money, y'know.

Also, this part I'm really sad to say, but you sound so much better when not in live action. Maybe you just have a really bad live-action microphone or something, but the live-action Bob was nowhere near as pleasant-sounding.

everytime i listen to Bob now he sounds more and more like Mayor Quimby or something...

you hanging out more with buddies that have a particularly thick accents or something Bob ?

It was weird when Bob went back and forth between his "radio voice" and his "regular voice". I kinda wish he would have just stuck with his regular speaking voice through the whole thing, just for authenticity's sake.

But this was actually pretty neat. Makes me want to actually go check out Boston sometime (not a big fan of PAX, to be honest).

Bob's big-talking body language kinda reminds me of the NPC dialogue animation in Sonic 06.

Still, gotta love his qualified enthusiasm. Pretty much every city is like that, you talk about how great it is, but then some parts of it are goofy, and all you can say is, well, that's New York/Boston/Columbus/Chicago/Kansas City for ya.

I always advertise Columbus as "a nice place to live but ya wouldn't want to visit there". Except, I thought Ohio was a "boring town" in the "Bible Belt" until I went to Kansas City, where literally EVERYthing closes down on Sunday.

Bob, that shirt... is that a Time Pair-o-Socks?

I can't think of anything else sock related that would warrant a shirt. :)

Chowduh! Where's the best place ta go for some clam chowduh?

As somebody who also lives in MA, i feel that we should apologize for the traffic and roads in general.

Thank you, Bob, for resurrecting my long dead pride in being from Boston.

I thought this was awesome to watch while at PAX, although it might have been more helpful to my weekend planning had I seen it on Friday, rather than that Saturday night.

Funny how a comment came up in the Q&A about the accent, and he uses it freely in this.

The most important tourist tip: don't make fun of Ireland. It's generally bad for your health.

Ah, the accent is strong with this one.

I loved the video, that said i hope people realize that a lot of people from Massachusetts don't have that accent. When I told some dude's I was from mass they were all "No way, you don't even have an accent."

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