Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 with Lisa Foiles Returns

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It's about bloody time.

Hmm...I hate to be the one to throw the wet blanket on everything, but I get the feeling that a lot of of her Youtube views didn't come from the jokes or the actual content of her videos. At least, judging by some of the top comments.

Obviously. Nothing wrong with that.

So... maybe it's because I lived under a rock or something, but didn't Lisa leave in the first place because of a scuffle between the Escapist? A la Extra Credits?

I mean, I'm really glad she's back (I've been visiting her site now and then but it seems that it was her buddies that updated and not her directly) but... you know.

Or maybe I've missed something completely and could someone fill me in if so?

Yeah, I remember that as well. With Extra Credits I remember it was because the publisher didn't pay and their artist (that's now been permanently replaced because she's too busy) had health problem. I think it was a similar deal with her.

Few months ago I actually rediscovered her over at YouTube as part of The Game Station.

This better not be an elaborate April Fools joke

YAY! More Lisa Foiles videos to watch!

El Portero:
With those other clowns making top-whatever lists on this site, I've seen a lot of people clamoring for Lisa Foiles lately. So good timing, I guess.

Yeah I was never really sure who they were but I watched the top 5 FF games episode and it was just really really bland. Even if you didn't like the content of a particular episodes and/or the 5 selections choices at the very least she made them a lot of fun.

Glad to see her back as Thursday's are a little dull on here with only No Right Answer.

I'm cool and all but I will admit I did a "oh! cool!, shes back" in my head.

I have to admit about wondering why she left and I even googled her so see if she just switched sites (in a non-creepy way).

Glad shes back, she's funny and she's oh so hot.

Yessss, finally!!


Hmm...I hate to be the one to throw the wet blanket on everything, but I get the feeling that a lot of of her Youtube views didn't come from the jokes or the actual content of her videos. At least, judging by some of the top comments.

Anyway, welcome back Lisa. At least viewers on the Escapist will be more interested in the what you're talking about...well, at least I hope so :P


Hmmm probably,

I guess this means the end of those SmoshGames' Top Fives.
I feel bad for them but it really wasn't my cup of tea.

I wonder if Lisa's back because they needed to replace the genuinely awful 'Top 5 Friday' series with someone far better at the job? Either way, glad to see she's back!

*Gets home. Checks the Escapist. Read that Lisa Foiles is coming back.*

Manly tears were shed this day.

About time Escapist brought back some of it's best shows. Welcome back Lisa. I missed you. <3


Lisa Foiles was one of my favorite damn things on this site. So psyched she's back. I always thought her show was really sincere and had some really cool perspectives. Also I never would have noticed how freaking weird the Orange Box boxart is without Lisa.

In other words, I once felt like

But I now feel like

I approve!

I was sad to see Lisa vanish her last time. I don't want to sound creepy, but I checked out her twitter to see what she'd be doing next. I like the girl, and want to see her goofy videos. :) So yes, I totally approve of her return.


*girly high-pitched scream of joy*

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. All of my yes! All hail the return of Lisa.

Great :D One of my favourite contributors I thought she was gone for good :(

Great news! I really enjoyed her video series last time. It's nice to see I'm not even remotely alone in that sentiment. Welcome back Lisa!

Welcome back Lisa! I didn't think she was coming back, glad any differences got resolved. Tuesdays just got a whole lot better.


I'm gonna make my own Top 5 list here, my top 5 dissapointments on the Escapist.
I don't say the rank but one of my top dissapointments on the Escapist is this show returning.

I know many will tell me to just not watch it, i can ashure you, i didn't watch it and i never will.
But i think it is important to give feedback.

Timesplitters is returning, Star Wars movies are going to me made by someone other than Lucas, Lisa's Top 5 is back.

That settles it, I'm in a coma.

Or in an inception.


I made a noise that brings my manliness into debate when i saw this.

Welcome back Lisa!

Top 5 shows are fundamentally pointless and stupid, but at least Lisa brings a fun personality and a hot physical presence to the show.

Think she seemed a lot more comfortable doing this kind of show to, rather than remag which seemed to stifle her sense of humour and delivery.

Would take Lisa over that horrid smosh rubbish any day of the week.

Welcome back Lisa, YAY!

This...I did not expect. Glad to see you back, though, it made me a little sad when the show abruptly stopped last time.

The description says, "Some things are better then others" My mind immediately went to that other top 5 list...yes Lisa, some things are better. Some things are MUCH better. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows which one I'm referring to.

This top 5 list may be another retread of a horrifically overdone cliche, but I must admit, at least Lisa Foils does it with tongue planted firmly in cheek, charm, personality to spare, and dammit, I feel like I can appreciate the fact that she's hot without feeling like i'm being brainlessly pandered to, or her being objectified, and that is altogether too rare. I'm not as excited as some, but I'm definitely happy about getting an enjoyable weekly, couple of minutes long diversion.

Welcome back :D
The other top 5 videos which we had in the mean time really made me grateful for Lisa's originally.

Admittedly then I watched them for the 'sketch' sections. Now I will watch them for all.

The clouds will open, and angels will sing songs whose beauty mortals can't comprehend, and the great one shall descent in a blinding ray of light and return to the earthly realm once more.

No big deal though.


I mean... that was super unexpected. Welcome back Lisa, we missed your quirky antics around here.


Erm, that's all I have to say really, but yeah...


Yay, I guess.

Anyway I searched through the comments and nobody asked so I'll ask: What is the musical piece used in the video? ;d Kind of a random question, but I liked it. Sounds Mass Effect-ish, but it could be anything.

attention mods!
this is going to be a low content post, so feel free to spoil that clean record of mine:

yay! :D

(seriously, i am glad to see that "FINALLY! this show has come back! ... ... ... ... home."
it's great to already have good shows on here, and it's also great to see a show come back that got so much better with every episode!)

on a completely unrelated note: epic music fits fun stuff even better than epic stuff!

Did she ever say why we changed her hair color?

She left?

lol, seriously though, in the mediocrity of online entertainment, she was pretty good.

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