Happy Birthday Grey!

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"Contemplative butt wiggle" is now a term. Yep, that's a thing in the Escapist lexicon.

Happy birthday Grey!

Dat ass... :-P

:) Aw. How sweet, Cory.

Happy Birthday Grey! Enjoy it like it's your last, but have many more after!

True HEROES!! >_<

Happy Bday cool man; love your works!!!

it's... it's... the things they move!!!?!?!?!
mkay, cool.

happy bday, yeah i'm, probly way late.. bleh.

Happy Birthday Grey!
Congrats on 300+ comics!

Happy birthday, grey! Nice touch on the fireworks; they totally took my attention away from the butt-waggle.


You might have the "Animated Background?" setting in your browsing options (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/profiles/browsing_options) set to "More Plz". You can turn that down if the animation is causing lag.

Im assuming you added this little extra and if so its awesome and amazing. Very cool.

Happy Birthday Carter. Spend it in health... or with Bioshock. Actually, spend it with Bioshock... and tequila.

You're one year older...
One year wiser...
And one year closer to your inevitable death.


Happy Birthday. :)

Happy Birthday!

Aww, you get to play some Bioshock: Infinte!

unlike me, who has to wait until my room is painted...

But yes, have a Happy Birthday Grey!

Dat ass...

What was that? Something about a birthday?

Happy birthday Grey. Enjoy your birthday.

Also big props to Cory for doing the strip solo this week.

Your birthday is right before mine!

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