Movie Defense Force: Wild Wild West

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Good to know the Razzies even back then were less about "awarding" bad movies and more about pointing and laughing at societally acceptable targets.

I didn't like WWW, but I enjoyed it, if that makes any sense. I'll never go out of my way to see it again, but the thought of watching it doesn't bother me. It was fun. Weirdly enough, among all the ridiculousness in the film, the one thing that bothered me was the false origin of the Secret Service. The Secret Service wasn't founded to protect the president, it was an arm of the Treasury Department that was founded to combat counterfeiting and major fraud. While it's now part of the DHS, its primary mission is still anti-counterfeiting (all that presidential protection stuff is secondary and a relatively small aspect of the agency). Yeah, I know, in a movie about giant robot spiders and post-Civil War cyborgs I get all bent out of shape about the USSS.

Thank you, Jim, for clearing up how WWW is still FUN, because that's the name of the game here. You invoked the TVTropes RuleOfCool and RuleOfHam and those brought everything together. As for the plot, as ridiculously goofy as it was, it basically "borrowed" heavily from an episode of Batman:TAS, which was mostly a flashback to a fight between Jonah Hex and Ra's al-Ghul, which was awesome.

And I cannot bring myself to hate a movie that reveals Selma Hayek's bare ass. It's like the sun; everything's so much brighter when it's out.

This is one of those MDFs where my initial reaction was, "This needed defending?"

Who are these people who hate fun movies?

My thoughts exactly.
Wild Wild West was friggin amazing.

I agree completely. I know it's not the most amazing thing ever put on film, but it's just good fun. And sometimes that's all you want.

I never understood why this film is so hated. I think it is good. not Will Smiths best but still good.

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