No Right Answer: Videogame That Should Be A TV Show The Most

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The Walking Dead maybe? :P
I can't really see Bioshock going for more than a single season unless they do the two points of view like Chris said. Mass Effect? Six seasons and a movie! I don't think they should try the Paragon/Renegade angle unless it's pay-per-view, so that people can chose which one they want. Wouldn't really make sense to have two separate Sheperds just for the moral choices because that subtracts from the depth of the character. A big part of the appeal of Mass Effect was that you could build both Paragon AND Renegade meters at the same time (albeit not fully), And it was fun in ME2 getting different prompts based on the context of the scene.

Ironically enough I don't think you're too far off the mark saying The Walking Dead. I think the best way for them to portray Shepard on TV would be the same way Rick Grimes is, i.e. Does the "Renegade" actions, but for "Paragon" reasons.

Seeing the tittle and the choices, I knew Mass Effect would win even though I don't know much about the game and didn't play it actually. It seemed most fit to be adapted into tv series.

I LOVE Bioshock and I think it would appropriate to be adapted into a movie rather than tv series.


I want a System Shock 1 series.



Metro 2033 would make an excellent television series.

If you're talking about the book, i agree.

And i also concur the idea of turning Fallout series into TV series. Nuka Break has shown that this can work, and with larger budget we could receive something great.

I like the new look

Agree with Mass affect wining "Videogame That Should Be A TV Show The Most"

and my favorite episode is the "worst video game movie adaptation", but
switch roles in Craziest Person in Hollywood Ever pls.

Only one thing is missing for me...

The drinks >.>...

Could we mix it up? I can basically only drink water because of Health problems and I like to live vicariously through others.


Does the Escapist have a rule against hard drinks?

I just enjoyed watching the difficulty with which you guys drank Jones Soda in no time flat.

Given how rarely you make episodes I don't think it would cause health problems.

I just want to add this: Crimson Skies. Come on, it'd be awesome!

Really feels like the hit the nail on the head with this debate, I agreed completely.

As for what to Disney Villains...

Frollo vs Maleficent (oh I know who'd win in a fight...the debate is who's a better villain...)

I think Mass Effect would obviously make for a better TV show because there's almost no direct plot in Bioshock, as much as I love that game. Most of it is extremely straightforward...except getting interrupted every level with a fetch quest, which only *barely* works in a video game. Bioshock starts with you being told to head to this one facility...then the facility gets blown up...then you have to go kill Ryan...then you find out that it was Fontaine all along! then you kill Fontaine. That is actually the entire plot. I didn't cut anything out that wasn't a fetch quest. Bioshock's true story happens almost exclusively in its video logs.

Maybe Red Dead Redemption would be a better competitor.

My choice for video game TV show would be an inFamous show. It would fit in with a bunch of modern crazes like "gritty" superhero serials, paranormal/supernatural shows, and intrigue filled thrillers (a la Lost). It wouldn't be that hard to rework the plot into an episodic format. Hell, each mission could be stretched out into a single episode with some good writing.

And seriously, tell me you can't see the ending to InFamous as a television season finale cliffhanger.

Also, was I the only one completely mesmerized by the kitten bobble head?

I'm going to suggest Psychonauts.

So many characters that could be expanded on... There's an entire WORLD of noodle incidents waiting to happen!

I would have said Legacy of Kain, but these work to

The only problem with a Mass Effect television show would be choice. If Mass Effect ever did become a TV show they would need to send out a voting system with all the major choices before they even begin filming and the options that get picked the most would be the options that are used.

For the 100th, I'd like to see Best U.S President Ever with Choice switches, or maybe Best Time Machine with Chris, Kyle and Dan in a Three way debate.

I'd like to see a TV show based on what goes on after the events of Final Fantasy 6.

Terra trying to find love.

Locke and Celes maybe having kids.

Cyan trying to find a queen/wife.

Sabin going to a bar and suplexing the whole damned thing.

There's a lot of potential here, that's all I'm saying...

No Right Answer about which is the best No Right Answer episode. make it happen.

I agree that Mass Effect would work better, and be more popular. I would probably prefer a show of it too, but it would be cool if someone made a steampunk show, or with a style like Bioshock has.

Ok, so after reading through some of the post above me.. I tend to agree with people that suggest Fallout 3. I really enjoyed the game world in it and the overall experience was great. The only problem with this however is the lack of continuing characters or a regular cast.

Then theres the rising epidemic of Zombie Games/Movies/Books/Media that seems to have flooded the market recently, which basically rules out anything to do with DayZ or Dead Island (Walking Dead basically covers everything)

My pick for this (and I cant believe Im the first to bring it up) is GTA: San Andreas.

Now, before you criticise my point, hear me out:
- major character development/well structured characters.
- regular cast.
- betrayal.
- wouldn't need massive budget to make it look good.
- plot twists galore (if you count the trivial stuff).
- potentially never ending.

Other than that, I'm going to state that I don't think either in the video would make a good tv series.
- Bioshock, whilst being a really interesting world has very little interaction to offer, especially with other characters.
- Mass Effect, whilst having a plethora of characters to run through. It follows a fairly non-linear storyline, and its been done already in countless other shows.

the right answer is neither; Starcraft should be made into a tv show

Mass Effect already has a film that was dubbed by funimation


Why can't Chris talk about video games?

As far as episode to be revisited... "This generations 'Star Wars'" Maybe throw in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe phenomenon now that we know how well Avenger's worked and more of their future plans with it.

Chris can't talk about video games due to his recent job at Nintendo. They have instructed him that since he works for a videogame company, he could be seen as a face of their company. Thus, his opinions can't be willy nilly out there without their review, and it's just easier to tell him no talkie about video gamie on internetie.

Really? That doesn't make any sense. He can't have an opinion on the games industry unless Nintendo reviews it? I can see how calling their games bad would be bad but surely Chris can say he likes something like Borderlands or Dishonored without the entirety of gaming journalism freaking out and posting "RANDOM NINTENDO EMPLOYEE LIKES BORDERLANDS! NINTENDO MUST LIKE GEARBOX'S TITLES MORE THEN THEIR OWN!"

Moviebob was right. GAMING IS WEIRD! Sorry but that sounds really silly to me (Yeah I get that's it's Nintendo's silly rule and not yours).

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