Jimquisition: Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

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Yeah Jim, I wasn't so fond of you at the beginning, but then something changed and you earned a special little place in a corner of my heart.

You must have a REALLY big heart.

OT, I find the Jimquisition occasionally fun and watchable, but prefer Jim's written word much more.

Jimothy Sterling:
Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

Join Jim as he celebrates the 100th episode of Jimquisition ... and complains about EA. Again.

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I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly a huge fan of the early episodes (didn't want you kicked out though) but you've vastly improved since then and I'm glad to see you reach 100 episodes. Glad to see you got rid of the little dicks on screen and damn man, you're really rocking that outfit and glasses, very sharp looking.

So again, congrats on 100 episodes and of course thank God(Emperor) for you.


Yeah Jim, I wasn't so fond of you at the beginning, but then something changed and you earned a special little place in a corner of my heart.

You must have a REALLY big heart.



It doesn't matter that this video pointed out the bullshit that publishers try to get away with. I've seen people on The Escapist defending the bullshit rhetoric you were just talking about. They actually believe that video games are services if the publishers decide to call them services. And they don't give a shit. They gladly buy it. And they don't see that they are the problem. A company can't get away with anything if consumers stop buying their products. Solution: STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS!
Literally all it takes is to boycott one game until they remove the feature that caused the boycott in the first place. They will have to remove it if they want to make money off of it, and they won't dare to implement that bullshit in their next game. Capitalism is that simple. People have the power. All they have to do is use their brain.

Sim Shitty is my favorite MMO.
Way better than Phantasy Star Online 2.

Don't thank us for giving you another chance Jim, for it is we who thank god for you.

Jimothy Sterling:
To answer the Naruto question:

Army of Two was in the other room and I was too lazy to get it. I realized the case would look lame empty. A review copy of Naruto was right next to my desk. I made the executive call.

And it was the right call. A man after my own lazy heart.

I got to say, I'm really surprised EA didn't call SimCity a MMO at the start of all this really.
Why is it that the bullcrap big companies try to pull seem very similar to the crap some politicians try to pull off?

Anyway, well done Jim.
I kind of feel bad now that I liked the show from the start. Don't get the wrong idea, I still think it got WAY better as it went on. And may it continue to get even greater!

:) Thank God for you Jim.

Just wanted to say thanks for the episodes and to keep going, so much better now than it was when you first started.

First off, your show has turned into a very enjoyable one for me, so thanks for that.

Second, this whole Sim City debacle has given us a glimpse into what the future of gaming might become, and that's terrifying me. I hope this sort of crap will stop soon, but it doesn't seem likely.

I enjoy the Jimquisition - its nice and intelligent criticism that isn't afraid of taking the piss on itself

As for this week's theme: Ya, the game pupblishers can call DRM whatever they want, its DRM

I must say I was really confused by the original couple of episodes.

But like an aggressive metastatic testicular cancer, ya grew on me jim.

Ya grew on me.

Oh yes the early episodes of shame of the Jimquisition. I would not be surprised if they become the Star Wars Christmas Special of his oeuvre of 5 minute rants.

The 100th episode is proof that listening to the good thought out parts of the critique you get will pay off in the long run. Congratulations.

Congrats jim, and we're damn glad to have you.

How ever if you keep bitching anymore about EA your gonna start to fit in with all the fine people at the b net forum lol.
I think your giving us a serious case of chicken littism. It's fucken EA. When a company that doesn't have it's head entirely up its ass starts doing this than i'll panick. Like say the people who put out GTa, but even than i'm a little played out on that series, the idea would still concern me though.

Oh fyi "movie bob only shit?'

heh I've seriously at length tried to see what Bob's getting at when he reviews movies. I mean he brings up some fine points of nostalgia but everyone does that these days.

your way more enjoyable and enlightening than movie bob.

Jimothy Sterling:
To answer the Naruto question:

Army of Two was in the other room and I was too lazy to get it. I realized the case would look lame empty. A review copy of Naruto was right next to my desk. I made the executive call.

Why,why didn't you quote me, am I not good enough Jim AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!
But in all seriousness that means you didn't but naruto and probably don't read the manga......I'm sad now :(
P.S. Have you played the game/do you like it? [if you say no I will find you and kil make you like/play it]

Admittedly, I only started watching after he proclaimed Dynasty Warriors the "Citizen Kane" of gaming (being another rare western fan of the series), but congratulations on reaching 100 episodes. I may have to check out the early trainwrecks when I get tired of watching retspurraes and MST3K episodes.

I really can't get angry about companies engaging in anti-consumer behavior anymore. I just don't buy the games. I have enough stuff in my library and backlog that I'm not so desperate for a new experience that I would willing put up with such nonsense. And if millions of others are willing, well that's not really inside my ability to control, is it?

i only gave this a second chance because i had to figure out why you were still on the escapist after the first few terrible videos. i'm glad i gave it another shot, keep up the good work

Gotta admit I was in the "hated early Jimquisition" camp.

Upon viewing the first episode I was like: "Who is this colossal idiot with a massive ego and a god complex? What value can he possibly add to our joyous and untainted hobby by constantly belittling games, gamers and the culture at large?"

I still think all of that of course, the only difference is that now I wouldn't be without any of it.

Thank god for you Jim, thank god indeed.

Congrats on 100 episodes keep up the good work.
I usually think such comments are just people dick riding, but I have to say I usually look forward to your episode because I feel you genuinely speak for gamers. You don't mind calling out bullshit when you see it and manage to put your discontent in a humorous yet insightful way.

Funny to think that at first I hated The Jimquisition, and loved Movie Bob. Amazing that now I love The Jimquisition, and hate Movie Bob.

Happy 100 Episodes, Jim! Happy we did decide to give you a second chance after those early episodes.

On a side note - the early work of anyone is guaranteed to be terrible. Your not alone there X3

Jimothy Sterling:
Speaking out of character, I know full well the first few episodes were dreadful.

I thank everyone, sincerely, for giving it the extra chances it needed. :-)

That kind of honesty is refreshing and it shows even when in character. Keep fighting the good fight and congrats!

I don't even remember why I started watching the Jimquisition. It was fairly new at the time and I think I just happened to try it out by chance. The self-absorbed schtick almost turned me away, but I stuck with it and I've enjoyed nearly every video since. Anyone who continues to call out EA (and others) for their continued BS is good in my books.

And on that note, nothing screams shareholder and marketer stranglehold more than the re-branding of a bad thing to make it sound good, rather than to rethink actually doing said bad thing. I'd like to believe that the CEO change could help, but the damage is already done and they're going to suffer for it for the next decade. They'd have to learn to be honest and actually admit that they've done wrong now and then (pffhah!) in order to have a hope of winning back some modest community support.

The fact that they still spin every "apology" into a spewage of self-gratification gives me little hope though (and that could be its own Jimquisition episode, if you needed to bag on EA some more).

Congrats on the 100th episode!

I was one of those haters when I watched the very first episode and thought it was downright horrible. Comparing it Extra Credits at the time and you know what was funny? Both the Jimquistion and EC had completely opposite arcs when it came to quality.

The Jimquisition started off as shit and around the episode of online passes became decent, then with the skyrim video became great. While Extra credits started off REALLY strong in the first and second season, only to become barely watchable for me now. Jim really turned things around and his success is well deserved.

I was half expecting a bottle spraying victory scene at the end. Guess we will save that for 1000th episode

Thank God for you Jim. Also hated the show early on but it did eventually grow on me like a stubborn mold as you hit your stride and now I'd be very sad if I ever had to see it go. Don't always agree and have seen more dildos here than I'd wish to but it's all part of your twisted charm.

I watched some of your stuff before you came to the escapist. I think the one that made me laugh the most was the Aquaphobia kerfluffle. That the dev contacted you and said something to the effect of "u weren't playin' de game wright! hur dur!"

Then I saw you were coming to the escapist and I was excited. I loves me some opinionated people who often share similar opinions to my own. Also, the amount of people who seem to not get that your "thank god for me" personality, is just that, a personality makes me LOLOLOLOLOL every.single.time.

Congratz Jimothy. Loved the bowler hat too btw.

Jim I hated your first episode. I really did.

And yet you pulled this shit together and its become one of my favorite shows on the Escapist. Godspeed Jim, Godspeed.

Jimothy Sterling:
Join Jim as he celebrates the 100th episode of Jimquisition ... and complains about EA. Again.

Congratulations Jim! Thank the gods for you and your one hundredth episode.

As to those "first run" stories - honestly, I think it was just your first episode. Even now, as a fan, I don't enjoy episode 1. It just... isn't you. You don't even (that I recall) thank god for yourself in episode 1. It honestly feels too serious. It's your sense of humor and cutting sarcasm that makes the show work as well as it does, and in episode 1 you just seem pissed off.

Episode 2, on the other hand, is eminently watchable. Your humor is far better, your persona (while still forming) is funny and engaging. You found a balance between bombastic sarcasm and hyperbole and the sharp intelligent critiques hidden beneath.

That's actually pretty incredible! Even Movie Bob didn't find his voice that quickly (some of his early reviews are disturbing to watch now as they seem very off).

So once again, congratulations! You've weathered 100 episodes and become one of the most recognizable faces of the Escapist.

Oh, and I liked the new theme music. ^^

I can tell you one thing, you are miles above moviebob

Great Sir Jimmonsby.

I still regret my kneejerk reaction to your first efforts. Emphasis on the work jerk, because I usually express displeasure in- shall we say- "robust" terms.

Congrats on an excellent series. Congrats on your 100th episode.

I tend to think of the Jimquisition as being a bit of a Rush Limbaugh of games journalism, with the important distinction that while Rush Limbaugh is largely stoking rage to support a morally bankrupt pile of snake oil salesmen, Jim has rightfully turned his cutting Britishness on game industry bullshit, a small but Escapist-relevant portion of aforementioned snake oil salesmen. I think I'd have a lot more respect for Rush if he had the scruples Jim did in choosing the right side, even if sardonically barbed furor may strike many as a rather rude way of getting their point across (but can we deny it is entertaining).

As for the topic at hand in this video, well, I try to be charitable in expressing EA is not completely wrong to suggest that piracy is rife on the PC and they should be trying to recover some lost dollar, but the problem is that DRM is virtually always worked around, and if they're that set on justifying it by making Simcity into an MMO, then it should probably actually be one instead of just tacking on a bunch of online features nobody wants. Yes, I'm saying EA's mistake with SimCity may well have been choosing the wrong priority during development to achieve the same end.

Basically, I'm in agreement with Jim here, if perhaps slightly more sympathizing with the content seller who is tired of being shafted by piracy, but coming back around and saying always-online DRM doesn't work anyway - at least, not any better than offline-only DRM - so why give their paying customers the shaft?

It really did get better and congrats on a fine run so far, sir.

Thank you Jim!

You've come a long way since your first episode indeed. Here's to a hundred more!

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