Trailers: Defiance - Narrative Trailer

Defiance - Narrative Trailer

Get a look at what you're getting into in this unique game.

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this should have been release before... srly why they didn't

Lol did you say unique??? There is tons of short, bland, uninspired games out there. You might as well spend 5 bucks and buy EDF 2017. You will have the same experience. You and a bunch of NPCs fighting the same bullet sponges. The only unique thing about it is I am sure it is the first ever MMO SPG

And I don't know what game that was a trailer for but it sure isn't the same Defiance I have been playing the last couple weeks. What is truly sad is I now understand more of the lore watching a 2 min trailer than I got from beating the whole damn game (yes it can be beaten and doesn't take very long to do).


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