Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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This was awesome I love it can't wait for more

Pretty good. The description is off though. Poetry is not prose, prose is just normal written or spoken language.

The description isn't the only thing that's off... Yahtzee's poem was alright, but Sterling's rhyme scheme is simply a crime against poetry.

I wouldn't call it a crime, it's just terribly basic. Which is fine. Yahtzee's had more fun with the structure, but I wasn't exactly expecting iambic pentameters.

Besides, if it's open-mic, they should both be free to structure the poems however they please.

Yup. That. Do more of it

It's like if Godzilla & Gamera started a jam band

I liked this and it certainly has potential but it was lacking a certain energy.

I would love to see more but I feel like that, between the two of you, you have could really brought it to life a little more. It reminded me of the first episode of Jimquisition a little because it was just both of you stood in front of a white background talking. Were you going for a sort of "dingy open mic night feel"? That could totally work but it felt a little unrefined.

Also, it felt like you were both in the same video as more of a coincidence than collaboration. Just two entirely separate poems that merely happened to follow on from each other. I'd like to see some back and forth or some sort of relevant connection. You could do poems that are related somehow or perhaps just email verses between each other and then paste it together, add some pzazz and BOOM. Solid gold.

Look forward to seeing more either way though.

Jim said he was working on something new with someone but I didn't expect anything like that. The first few mins were a bit weird but then it got quite funny.

On the Dtoid post of this someone randomly commented 'Susan Arendt is one of the best people alive'...OK?

Next week the Jim vs Yahtzee rap battle!

also was i the only one who thought the ps4 salesmen sounded a bit like Slippery John from the Mogworld audio book?


Drm is shitty and that is a pity,
all these new consoles make me a bit snippy.
Facebook integration just leads to more frustration,
with everything leading to one big conflagration.

Outstanding, good sirs
With your poetry skills
You are giving us all
The most elegant thrills.

Yeah, I'm not good at this. Still, love the new show.

Please tell me this will be a regular series, that would be awesome.

You know what they need to do? RAP BATTLE


I know nothing of poetry, but I liked this, more please.

That was pretty awesome guys.

Oh and Escapist, the video description says it's prose. It isn't. Prose is by definition not poetry :) Verse was probably the word you should have used.

This may be the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
I love seeing Yahtzee in another medium other than ZP and EP, just doesn't happen all that often.

Jim and Yahtzee? I don't think the world is ready for it!

I....I'm in love.

Seriously, this is the best thing ever thought of.

Hope they're good at writing a lot of poetry though.

"And the fuel tank holds loads!"
I lost it.



Yeah, about halfway though I was thinking "Gee Yahtzee, you charismatic stallion, maybe Sony isn't the best company to go to to buy a car. Nice that they're working with Microsoft to integrate Kinect into the steering while though." Anyway, congrats on making the only comparison of something video game related to a car that was actually enjoyable rather than blatantly stupid. Also, I guess this means PS Vita is also a motorcycle in addition to being a taco.

And praise the sun for you, Jim, for there is never such a thing as too much bitching about always online DRM. Fuck always online DRM. Fuck Diablo 3, fuck SimCity, fuck Xbox 3 if it has it. I don't care how they try to justify it, I'm not having any of it. Also, nice hat.

...Speaking of hats, where's Yahtzee's sweet hat?

Splenifficence was just achieved, eagerly waiting the next episode. :3

Jim gives off a real coffee house open mic vibe. I more than half expected Yahtzee to appear in his segment, lightly playing the bongos.

I'm not really into poetry, but I liked these because they weren't lofty or pretentious (a problem with a lot of poetry throughout the ages). Make it a bit more visually interesting and record in better acoustics and you've got yourselves a solid new show.

This was great!

Jim you really managed to make everything rhyme so I applaud you for that good sir.

As an OCD person who always pays attention to the numbers of how long things go, repetitiveness, and making sure it always hits the same notes at the same points (One two three FOUR, five six sev EIGHT, because seven has two syllables and that can ruin the exactitude of the pattern) I have to say... Jim did it well and a nice job with the poetry. Yahtzee though... he started off strong, but it wasn't long before he seemed to lose track, the rhymes not showing up where they should have, and sometimes not even showing up at all. Or if they did I didn't notice them.

Yeah, I hear you and second the comment. Yahtzee gets points for the metaphor and story, but his rhyming was inconsistent. Jim's was solid, though (novelty of commenting in verse aside) arguably less amusing. And I have no particular metric for this, but I liked Yahtzee's sort of sliding in from the right and pulling faces as the car salesman. Dude should get in front of the camera more often, he pulls it off well. Like others are saying : more, please! I liked seeing it and appreciate the effort they put into pulling it off.

Ya gotta love Yahtzee and Jim
Though their Suessian verse only scans if you skim
Still to the delight of their fans
They became passionate and
Begat Jim-tuation 'n' Zero-quisition.

That was a thing of beauty.

Also, there will be more?

Hooray! :D


Am I the only one who thought Yahtzee was talking about the WiiU before he actually said 'PS4'?

I did at first, but once he got into more details about "the car" I realized it was the PS4 he was talking about. The fact that "the car" had not been released yet was a big clue.

Anyways, excellent performances gentlemen. I look forward to seeing more of your poetry in further episodes.

Nope, I thought it was the WiiU at first, but that's because new home consoles are sounding disturbingly similar. Anyways, this was a brilliant act of wordsmitherey! Yahtzee's psychotic grin was just gravy, Jim got the Dr. Seuss rhythm flawlessly, and I got to see more!

captcha: hobby-horse
Looks like these guys found a new one with poetry writing!

Haven't seen it yet, will update in 5 mins when I've finished.

EDIT: Like it, and looking forward to more.

I dig it, it's entertaining and give an opinion about current events. I like the combinations of two personas from Escapist.

My day is made. The Yahtzee psychotic grin was amazing. So glad to hear it's going to be a weekly thing.

I've always imagined the greatest super hero team would have Yahtzee and Jim in it. We gotta grab Yahtzee on the good side before he decides to continue work on "the device" and rule the world.

OT: I hope this becomes a regular thing (or at least semi-regular. I know Yahtzee must have a million things going at once). It was really fun and refreshing to see this show.

Crazy Zaul:
Jim said he was working on something new with someone but I didn't expect anything like that. The first few mins were a bit weird but then it got quite funny.

On the Dtoid post of this someone randomly commented 'Susan Arendt is one of the best people alive'...OK?

Aw, that was nice of them. :)

To quote the beer commercial (and risk the Low Content Post Warning):


No. Freaking. Way.

That was SO epic. I just... can't pick a winner.... please don't make me...I can't!

Wow, that was just beautiful. I had to pause the video after Yahtzee's last verse so i wouldn't miss Jim's poem due to my laughter!

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