Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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I honestly thought this was just a joke thing, but that was awesome! More please Yahtzee & Jim! That would be another awesome thing to make my Wednesdays better.

Daaaah Whoosh:
Both poems were great, but I'd like to see Yahtzee's written down. The rhyme scheme, if it was regular, was very difficult to follow. I thought it was a limerick at first, like his Wolfenstein review, but now I'm not so sure.

I had trouble following Yahtzee's as well.

OT: Oh my god that was amazing, I. want. more.

It was sooo awesome, btw. Yahtzee looks pretty good with beard.

Am I the only one weirded out by the fact that Jim was the faster speaking of the two?
I reckon I'd quite enjoy seeing more of this.

Yes please!

This is wonderful, and there must be more.

That was just brilliant. I loved Yahtzee's poem about the PS4. Genius.

Is this like some white middle aged nerd version of a rap battle?

This round goes to Yahtzee.

*beeps beep beep*
We're sorry the poster you are trying to reach is currently unavailable due to unexpected awesome, if you would like to leave your name, number and time you called, they will get back to you soon as they finish collecting the bits of they're blow mind.

I think I'm in love! Can't wait for next Wednesday!

Do you not hear The People cry out for more wit and rhyme?
Please, oh mighty figureheads of wisdom and wordpla, we humbly ask that you indulge us!

Good show gents, showing the world we Brits still know a thing or two about poetry.

That is pretty awesome. certainly something new. though i would have liked a little more interplay between the poems. they seemsed to just exist alongside each other, which makes the yahtzee/sterling combo sort of pointless

Oh damn it, now I'm going to be thinking in rhyme for the rest of the day.

Yahtzee should keep the beard

get MovieBob in on this right now! NOW!

Oh please don't. I like Bob, but he's not funny enough to keep up with these two.

This was simply fantastic! Two of my favorite games journalists combined into the same series... AND RECITING POETRY!

This is something I never asked for but always wanted even if I was never aware of it. Does that make sense? It doesn't have to, because that was awesome.

Clever but not my cup of tea. Kinda got bored watching this video, also feels kinda forced...

You were cooking MCs like a pound of bacon, Word to your mother.

Can we have more?

Is it just me, or does Yathzee look a lot different? It look a while to grasp, but...he grew a full beard! It's...odd. o.o

Very cool video, by the way. Masterfully done.

Awesome. I wonder how many times @LeMurphs has watched this already?

To quote a great woman...


Also this...

That was brilliant.

However, Yahtzee's facial expressions when he talks are far more distracting than I would've thought possible for anyone's face to be...

That really kind of freaked me out... XD

Then again, I suppose I'm just not used to seeing a real face along with that voice...

That was pretty funny. Haven't heard Yahtzee reciting poetry since his Wolfenstein review. His meter was a bit odd here, though, but his story WAS more involved and in-depth than Jim's.

I cannot think of how to describe my extreme pleasure at this video so, I will simply state that I would like to see more of this.
I would like to see more of this, please.

John Keats ain't got shit on Yahtzee. A nice rhyme scheme and subject that certainly is more enjoyable than all of Walt Whitman. To see this sort of thing every week may give me a better appreciation of poetry again.

Yahtzee: Although I don't enjoy ZP or EP, I give this presentation a 10/10. It was marvelously done.
Jim: Although I greatly enjoy the Jimquisition, Yahtzee outclassed you pretty hard here. 5/10.

I enjoyed this one
Will this be a new series?
If so, I am glad

I feel like the escapist has become an old school poetry bar, and it makes me feel awesome, wine is on me tonight folks.

Huh. After watching the videos from the last Expo, I assumed "casual disdain" to be about the extent of Yahtzee's range of emotional expression. Add "scathing mockery" to that list.

Well done, guys.

Umm... Wow.

I loved the poetry as much as the bowler Jim was wearing. It looks like there's another feature I'll be checking on in the future.

Audio quality felt a bit off, and as fun as it is as a one-off, I can't really see this as having much longevity.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it for what it is, but honestly cannot see myself still watching the series in a month or two.

Yahtzee's beard has never looked better. Beautiful.

Also, keep this show! It's gold.

Interesting...there's a good idea here, but I don't think it's quite there. Neither Yahtzee or Jim have really said anything they haven't on their own.

I'd be more interested in putting Jim and Yahtzee on the screen together and have them do game reviews. They'd be like a english accented Siskel & Ebert of videogames-they even have the right physical build.

My mind is officially blown, if this becomes a regular slot then I've got the Spike Milligan shaped hole in my life at long last fulfilled.

I don't see the appeal to this show.

At least the first episode covered topics and issues already covered by Jim in his other show. Saying the same things you've already talked about in a different way really isn't enough to justify the shows existence.

This could be a fun one-off but hopefully future topics are more meaningful.

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