Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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that was freaking amazing lol looking forward to more

also I still love Yahtzee's FTL poem haha that one was great

the antithesis:
This is a lot like that Epic Rap Battles series on Youtube. You know. That horrible fucking series on Youtube I am constantly avoiding.

You cannot escape it. It is everywhere. Its only a matter of time.



God damnit there was supposed to be a picture there but I couldn't remember how to post one.

Damn you brain!


Jimothy Sterling:

What the fuck is yahtzee doing with out a hat! And jim has a hat! what kind of shit you guys trying to pull! lol i enjoyed it though cant wait to see more

That's nothing. Next week, Yahtzee's gonna be the fat one!

But Jim! You can't lose your glorious fat! It's what makes you so lovable!

Besides it will protect you from the bullets once all the companies you ripped on start sending assassins after you.

I've always imagined the greatest super hero team would have Yahtzee and Jim in it. We gotta grab Yahtzee on the good side before he decides to continue work on "the device" and rule the world.

Someone design a superhero team with Yahtzee and Jim leading. You could have the other well-known escapists as the other members.

Captcha: is it plugged in?

To both these fine gentlemen:
We'd be not adverse
If every now and then
You'd treat us to more verse.

What he said yo

Aaaaand...my weekly schedule gets a must-see update

It's odd seeing ben and not his animations. Oh well I can take change.

I heartily approve. Please let this continue.

I cried! Bloody Brilliant!

This show's poor quality
I do sorely fear
Will betray it's frivolity
I'll choose in a year

They're both known as pros
I'll lend them my ear
And like other shows
I'll give it a year

I will not raise my hope
To not shed a tear
I will just learn to cope
And give it a year

Perhaps reading coactions
For this I would cheer
And clear up distractions
Within this first year

Add clarity edits
And a song we can hear
During talky bits
For a really good year

You guys are quite funny
I'd buy you a beer
But I don't have the money
Just give me a year

I can say, without qualification, that Yahtzee and Jim's poetry is better than that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex.

Wow. It's like Dr. Seuss channeling the damned souls of Kenny Everett and Alexei Sayle. So painful I must ask for moar please, sir, I'd like another.

Glorious wonderfulness has been delivered.

This was really clever
And actually funny.
I'm waiting for more videos
And hope there will be many.

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