No Right Answer: Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Property

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Either Girl Genius or Schlock Mercenary would make awesome breakout properties. On the one side you've got a sociopathic amorph, a troop of mercenaries, an idiot savant demo expert, and SCIENCE!. On the other you have a slightly* megalomaniac mad scientist, minions, an intelligent yet schizophrenic castle, and SCIENCE!^2.

*Only when compared to every other mad scientist in the world in question.

Scars Unseen:
Occult Mayhem? Nazi punching? Lovecraftian horrors? SCIENCE?

Atomic Robo.

Dammit, I was gonna say Atomic Robo. But seriously, how can you get more awesome than a robot made by Nicola Tesla who fights evil, and Nazis, and time-travelling dinosaurs?

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