Escape to the Movies: Oblivion

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cricket chirps:

Lono Shrugged:
There is always a way to explain why a movie is bad without spoiling the plot. I plan on watching it at some point anyway so I guess 2 minutes of Tom Cruise critique and "it's bad" is all I get this week :(

Yea i am on this boat too :( I usually ignore the spoiler warning and watch anyway but i've gotta agree with the above comment. The movie looked really interesting to almost everyone i've talked to about it(and that is not just close friends). So...yea, kind of dissapointed to hear you felt it was so bad you didn't mind spoiling it. :/ For once, i hope i don't agree with you.

It's funny, apart from one of the points, all of the other 'twists' were pretty much shown in the trailer I saw for this movie.

Sad to hear it's not great, but like you said it's Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise. Although it does have Morgan Freeman being a badass... It's good that he still has it at his age.

Very true about magnolia. Great film but impossible to show Cruise's scenes due to obscenity. No less awesome tho. What a performance.

If I understand correctly, though, the difference between Prometheus and Oblivion is that one is offensively ignorant, where the other is merely incoherent. If this is the case, I would rather watch Oblivion for the pretty art.

I remember going to the cinema with my friends a while back.
I remember there not being enough spaces for us to see the Hobbit and essentially it all came down to Twiglet, Jack Reacher and James Bond... 5-1 against seeing Bond and it was never gonna be Twilek.

You need new friends (or at the very least, different ones to go to the movies with) if that many of them have that much of a crippling lack of taste.

when i first saw Morgan Freeman in this in the trailers, my first reaction was- why is he trying to be Lawrence Fishburne, was i the only one with that reaction?

Oh my f-ing Goodness! A reviewer that actually spoils the movie he's reviewing... I am literally unsubscribing to all the other twats I've been listening to and... oke, maybe that's a bit too much. But I've been waiting for a guy that is funny, relevant and is not afraid to spoil the movie if he has to in his review. I am soo happy I found you with this sad excuse for a movie :D Cheers!

Um, Movie Bob, captain dude sir, in all seriousness why don't you just give The Lone Ranger a miss? I'm not going to hold your feet to the fire over it. I enjoy hearing you enthusiastically praise or trash something and am reliably less entertained when your reviews can be summarized as 'meh, walked in knowing it was drek, walked out knowing I was right.' Personally, I think the Lone Ranger looks like crap. Feel free to expose me to something I'm not aware of that I ought to know about. Maybe an old western, a genre of which I am painfully ignorant.

So... it's exactly the movie I expected after seeing the trailer? A few of the minor details were off, but everything else was spot on. I will probably see it on Netflix or something, but I have just no desire to pay money specifically to see it.

Thanks Bob! Saved me another wasted ticket buddy! I think Prometheus was a big enough disappointment for me for awhile. I really want Pacific Rim to be as awesome as my instincts are tingling about.


Well outside of that final "twist" involving his real nature I called everyone one of these "twists" just based on the trailer.

Same. Every damn one of those twists I called the first time I saw the trailer. Ugh.

That would be because the trailer (and the commercials as well come to think of it) pretty much put all the plot relevant info out there.

Let me run this by everyone again. The plot was of so little consequence in this movie that entirety of it fit in the trailer.

Well outside of that final "twist" involving his real nature I called everyone one of these "twists" just based on the trailer.

Yeah pretty much this. When the spoiler warning first went up I did my usual reaction and paused it, but then realized I could pretty much guess what the spoilers are or at the very least if I choose to watch the movie knowing them wouldn't be detrimental to my enjoyment, so I clicked play and resumed watching.

God, I love this review.
Here's hoping After Earth is as good as it looks.

It does? Hmm, to me it actually looked WORSE than oblivion. Honestly, both look rather bland and predictable. I've got good money on Will Smith being "dead all along" and "after Erf" really being "before erf".

knight steel:
Sorry bob [I think that in my personal opinion that] you're completely wrong on the subject,saw the movie with my family we all absolutely loved it and it's now one of our new fav sci-fi movies.
Where the characters stereotypical yeah but they played their parts well enough that I still loved and cared for them-The visual and designs were breathtaking sure they have been done before that they put new life into it-and finally the story obvious in point yeah and cracks a bit under heavy scrutiny but all movies even the really good ones have certain aspects where it doesn't quite work [why do stormtrooper's always miss].

Hey mate, since yours is the only favorable comment on this movie, a thumbs up for me, you're not alone.

A message for Bob:

I won't spoil stuff... but I'll do what Bob should've done and actually review this movie...

Main character:
I don't hate or like Tom Cruise. More like meh... But in this movie I really liked him. He's a really good actor. I haven't seen other recent movies of his. I'll go do that now. I rooted for him in this movie. His character is smart, passionate and brave. Call me boring, but I wish I was this guy. There are a few wink-winks to his career in the movie. And just like the character, I think Cruise really deserves a chance.

This is the kind of twisty story that both you and the protagonist understand mostly at the same time. The dialogue doesn't need to UNDERLINE EVERY FRACKING THING. The dialogue is top notch. There are no loopholes. Everything is nicely tied together and everything is there for a reason. I can't discuss more because of spoiling stuff. But grats if you think you've figured out 90% of the story in the first minutes. You're still dead wrong about 10%... and that 10% is what counts, how that 10% plays and is accepted by the characters is what transcends this movie to a really really good Sci-fi. Now, the story is on par with "one good Star Trek episode", but in these days, one good Star Trek episode is badly lacking. I'll have to rate it on par with District 9 and Sunshine, but a bit below Solaris (the new one).
I'll actually make a parallel to Moon. They are similar in many ways. But Moon fucks up the ending (I really expected something much much better from it) while Oblivion shines in the end where it really does shite on stuff like Independence Day (reference intended).

Just in case some people didn't watch Bob's COMPELTE spoiler, well, Bob is dead wrong about the story not making sense. It makes perfect sense, but if you go watch this movie with the "I hate Tom Cruise with his smug old face" attitude, no wonder you're gonna fail to like it. I welcome any discussion on this subject and the simplicity with which I can defuse any opposing argument is downright insulting to the complexity of the story and the detail with witch it's told.

What can I say... No lens flare, yey! It looks splendid. This isn't Minority Report, but it's a post apocalyptic world done right.

Too much actually. Hey, I've survived Tarkovsky's Stalker, I can take long boring movies without action. Thin Red Line is my number 1 movie of all times so... The long boring first half unfortunately receives the mandatory final battle. It's overkill and doesn't sit that well with the rest of this mostly meditating movie.

The only problem (sort of):
Morgan Freeman. No, really. I love the guy, so the really short amount of screen space he gets actually points to the main flaw of this movie. The movie spends too little time to make us see "the other sides". But if you think about it twice, the entire movie is about Cruise's persona. There is almost no scene without him and we're invited to see with his eyes. His blank memory (you can't choose to decide much AFTER you've got your memory reset, can you Bob?!!!) is actually a good tool for the viewer. We can identify with him so much faster (I sure as hell did when I heard Ramble On). He has no idea what's going on at first, so of course everything is a nasty blur. After he learns the truth he becomes so determined to end things fast that everything else becomes a nuisance for him, again blur. He has shit to do now, no more camping at the lake for him... So while the pace becomes perfect for his character, we're left wanting to see more and learn more, but I bet he wanted it too. In the end his arc become complete so that's all that counts.

The main treat: Victoria. Nice job Bob missing the main thing about her and just how fracking tragic that character is. We only get it towards the end and... wow.

So go see the movie... I can't lie to myself. This movie is gonna sink badly. It's too good. But after it does, don't complain to me about the Star Lens Trek Flare crap you're gonna get from now on.

Best review I've seen in a while from ANYONE. Very nice. Your mini dissertation on Mr. Cruise and his career choices are fascinating.

I did like MI4, but not because of his performance. He was a blank slate in that. Especially at his age, he needs to get back to fascinating roles like he had in Magnolia and drop these empty worthless movies.

Thanks for saving my time and keeping me from seeing this for sure. I was a little iffy till now.

Well, I disagree.

Not on the movie being shallow and bland and not too interesting... but you can't possibly recommend Prometheus over Oblivion.

Oblivion is a movie with issues, but it still has impressive visuals, mostly decent action and a little bit of the spices that made Moon, Event Horizon or hell, even Solaris interesting, if not great. Also, it's an original piece of work, even though it's patched together of story elements we've quite probably seen before.

Prometheus pees and vomits and bleeds all over the original Alien movie. It disrespects everything that came before it, and it does it in a very shallow, carefully planned haphazard way and it totally wastes the talent of the actors involved, making them all look like nincompoops. It also makes Ridley Scott look like a greedy, evil, demented and confused old man.

That's just not nice and should not be condoned or promoted.

For me, I love sci-fi movies but I don't actually go to them strictly for the sci-fi aspect. Rather, the basic differences between future/fantasy/alien societies and human society serves to underscore more general points about humanity, as others have noted long before me.

So, I take Oblivion to be about the love, the lies and fantasies we tell ourselves about our beloved and how that fits into the reality of that person. In that way I take the actual leads of this movie to be Victoria and Julia rather than the (intentionally) nearly empty shell of a man, Jack. Victoria wants desperately to be the love object of a man who eternally has eyes for another, whereas the Julia is the one dealing with the man she formerly loved appearing to have changed in her absence and who has to deal with his present relationship in order to be with him, and thus the two pit Jack against each other in the midst of them figuring it all out.

The ending seems a bit too cake-and-eat-it-too for my taste and I get the feeling that some stuff was cut out to make it PG-13 instead of R-rated, but I really enjoyed the movie and thought everybody turned in just the performance I would want from them in context as well as the movie having a well-executed visual style. That being said, I'd love to see a director's cut for a bit more meat to the violence, perhaps an extended/less Bowdlerized pool or shower scene, etc.


You have near 22,000 and yet you either don't know how to or ignore to use spoiler tags?

As for the movie, I'm skipping it. I debated whether or not to watch the review since it had spoilers, decided to, and then realized that literally every single prediction I had made from the two minute trailer I had seen from months back was spot on. From how it is described, this seems like a movie that rips off the twists and turns of a bunch of other sci-fi movies that do so much better.

If anyone wants to a version of this movie that's actually good, go watch Moon.

On a side note, if they're clones, why would they need to be tricked or have memories of pre-war stuff?
That's not how cloning works. Even if the aliens some how managed to make it work like that, they could still use propaganda to convince them they're doing the right thing. It's not that hard to turn humans against each other.

The only thing this movie's accomplished is remind me that Republic Commandos 2 isn't a thing.

I only ever managed to just muster up a "meh" in response to the existence of this movie, so I wasn't really bothered about having any of the "twists" spoiled. In the trailers, it didn't even really look like the kind of film that would even have twists.

Ah well, this has confirmed it's not a film I'll be wasting nearly 10 quid on to see in the cinema. Here's hoping Elysium manages to do the whole "Earth is basically dead so we (or in that particular case, those who can afford it) have to go live somewhere else" thing better. Which it should.

Regarding MovieBob's last comments about calling Oblivion a pretty looking but nonsensical and illogical and then comparing it to another film, I found it kinda funny to know that both films used the same locations to shoot them.

I was ready to give this a pass just because Tom Cruise is in it.

i called all of this from the trailer... glad i passed

Well I love it. Maybe I just have a soft spot for visuals, but the movie really does look amazing. The plot isn't watertight, but a few of the points you raised aren't entirely accurate.

Ah well.

Just sounds like a really, really, really bad version of Moon without the amazing performance of Sam Rockwell, who's with me?

This sounds like a really crappy, action oriented with aliens version of Lunar.

Bob misses the point again. If you like Sci-fi go and see this film.It's not prefect, it has a lot of problems, but that doesnt stop it being a good film.

Why, Bob, why would you remind me that Prometheus even existed? That's just mean.

Oh, and something about an ultimately bland, meaningless Tom Cruise movie my friend made me watch, where I was having more fun and interest picking out the piece of raisinette stuck in a broken tooth than watching the movie? Well...I'd have to remember anything of it specifically to say it was bad, but that I didn't even want to pay attention to it should be a big sign.


So Tom Cruise was conditioned to work for Aliens and lost his wife? This isn't an original story, it's a documentary!


You see this?

give it a click

[quote="knight steel" post="6.406151.16894234"]
Just in case some people didn't watch Bob's COMPELTE spoiler, well, Bob is dead wrong about the story not making sense. It makes perfect sense, but if you go watch this movie with the "I hate Tom Cruise with his smug old face" attitude, no wonder you're gonna fail to like it. I welcome any discussion on this subject and the simplicity with which I can defuse any opposing argument is downright insulting to the complexity of the story and the detail with witch it's told.

I did watch Bob's entire review, I've never really cared about spoilers, if a movie is good enough, even if it has important plot-twists, it will still hold up after you've been spoiled. But now I have to ask: Unless bob completely misrepresented the story, as in he made up most of what he said about the movie, how can any of that possibly ever make any sort of sense?

Also, this is one of my all-time pet-peeves, when people who can't write intelligently try to write intelligence and fail miserably.

Johny Depp with a crow on his could you go wrong?

Thank you Movie Bob for watching this drek so I don't have to. So its essentially

How utterly unexciting.

I didn't figure that I'd be watching this movie so I ignored the "Spoiler Alert".


I LIKE mindless/empty sci-fi movies and I'm actually interested enough now to want to go watch this one. Darn!!!

Off-Topic: I hope you and your loved ones and friends are okay, Bob. From the episode you did on Boston it was obvious that you love your city and are proud of it. That was one of the first things that came to mind when I first heard about the bombings.

I'm glad to hear that you're not hurt. My sympathies to you and your kin and kith. I hope all of you will fare well.

On one hand it is bad it wasn't an Elder Scrolls movie, an ES movie would kick ass. The Good? How do you make an open ended movie that really only ends when you realized the last moment of it you remember was 6 months ago?

Spoiler warning is appreciated, but it would be even more appreciated if the reviews relied a little less on spoilers overall. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't enjoy being spoiled, even on movies I have no immediate interest of seeing. So it's a little disappointing with that in mind to only be able to hear the bottom line of whether the movie was good or bad.

I'm not overly disappointed because I couldn't watch more than 25% of the review, I know I'm more picky than the average person when it comes to spoilers, and I don't expect the world to adjust itself to my preferences. I'm just saying it's fully possible to do an interesting review without giving away all the twists in a movie, and it's something I personally think Escape to the Movies could improve on.

Ok I thought it wasn't bad. It was far from being the greatest sci-fi ever but I enjoyed it enough.

It was a bit long and the twists aren't 'OMFG NO WAY!' good but the drones were pretty cool. It is one of those movies where if you over-analyse everything it falls to pieces but if you just 'roll with it' then you can enjoy it.

Much like Prometheus :P (I also liked Prometheus even if the scientists were extremely stupid)

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